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Miles Routledge

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Miles Routledge is a British student trapped in Afghanistan during the Taliban takeover after going on vacation there.

According to the Sun, Routledge picked Afghanistan as a vacation destination after googling “the most dangerous cities to visit.” A friend told The Sun that Routledge wanted “something weird during summer to show off about,” and his mother is now frantically trying to make sure he stays safe.


His age is unclear.


On Facebook, Routledge revealed that he’s in a safe house. The Sun reported that it’s a UN safe house.

“I’m all safe in this safe house, the people are great and I look forward to the 2 news articles I’ve got coming out about me. We may be happy I’m fine but please consider the people who live in Afghanistan as they’re doing so much worse. Pray for them please, I will be doing so tonight,” he wrote.

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“I was under the impression that the country wouldn’t fall for another month, so I thought it was going to be fine,” he told The Spectator. “I’d seen videos on YouTube of people going. I thought maybe the worst case would be food poisoning.”

“I like risk, I’m a banker, so it makes sense,” Routledge told the London Times. “I hate lying around on a beach, so I wanted to do something a little bit different. After graduating, I’ll have a full-time job and maybe a family, so won’t have the opportunity to do things like this again. I thought [Afghanistan] looked quite nice, the food seemed amazing, and it was dirt cheap.”

Routledge Visited Chernobyl

Afghanistan is not the first dangerous vacation trip that Routledge took. On Facebook, he revealed that he visited Chernobyl. “It’s been almost 2 years since I went to Chernobyl as my first holiday abroad. I can confidently say that it’s better than my university halls,” he wrote.

In May, he revealed that he had booked his flight to Afghanistan, writing,

I’ve just booked my flight to Afghanistan. The flight path is:
London -> Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia -> Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey -> New Delhi, India
New Delhi, India -> Kabul, Afghanistan
7/8 nights travelling around Afghanistan
Kabul, Afghanistan -> Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE -> Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey -> Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany -> London
wish me luck, and I will bring back some small Souvenir for whoever wants one

Routledge has become the subject of memes online as people follow his travels.


In March, he wrote on Facebook, “Passed my Harvard business school online course in capital markets, excellent few months. Next is my CFA level 1 in November, 42% pass rate, wish me luck!”

He wrote that he was accepted to Harvard Business School: “Got accepted, will be doing 6 weeks of an additional course with 6 assessments on top of the uni exam season.”

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