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Michelle Haman

Michelle Haman Wiki – Michelle Haman Bio

Michelle Haman is the wife of Andy Haman, an American professional bodybuilder and college wrestler from Iowa who is being reported to have died on March 20, 2021, according to his son. Haman was 54.

Known to many as “Mr. Incredible” because he would often dress up as the popular children’s film hero at health and nutrition expos, Haman’s passing was first announced by his son, Samuel, on Sunday.


Her age is unclear.

Andy Haman Biography

He was born in Iowa, Haman competed as a wrestler in high school before a short-lived first attempt at a bodybuilding career.

He won the 1987 Midwest Natural Championships but opted to step out of the sport to focus on a career in teaching.
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But he caught the bug again in his late 30s and turned professional, winning the Colorado State Championship in the super heavyweight class.
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He became a popular figure at bodybuilding competitions and also made a foray into acting, featuring in the 2017 film The Jurassic Dead.

Husband’s Death

Andy Haman, a professional bodybuilder based out of Colorado, passed away on March 20th, 2021 at the age of 54. Haman’s son, Sam Haman, confirmed the news of his father’s passing in a post on Facebook.

“RIP: Anthony Joesph Haman/Dad/Mr.Incredible. We love you so much and you will be in our thoughts forever! No one was as a strong, kind, silly, goofball wonderful person as you. Don’t worry about mom and the girls I’ll take care of them, just the way you did and taught me. #crazyfunalways”

The cause of his death has not been reported.


Andy Haman is survived by his wife, Michelle Haman, and their four children, Sam Haman, Daisy Haman, Ruby Haman, and Lucy Love Haman. The family was known for dressing up together as characters from the films “The Incredibles” and appearing at conventions, children’s hospitals, and charity events. Haman played up his “superhero persona” and would call himself “Mr. Incredible,” according to his social media posts.
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His son, Sam Haman, followed in his footsteps and won the classic physique division competition at the 2018 Teen Nationals, according to Barbend.com. Ruby Haman also took after her father and competed in Olympic-level weightlifting.

Haman posted photos from a visit to a hospital where he appeared in his “Mr. Incredible” costume in 2015. He wrote on Facebook, “Giving away toys, smiles and hugs – Columbia hospital’ Got back in return Laughs, kisses, and love.”

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