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Michael Sellars

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Michael Sellars suspected of killing model Gracie Spinks was a former work colleague who became obsessed with her after just one date and could not cope when she rejected him, it has been claimed.

Sellars is believed to have murdered the 23-year-old horse enthusiast in a paddock in the picturesque village of Duckmanton, Derbyshire, on Friday morning after she refused to go out with him.


He was 35 years old.

Gracie Spinks Murder

Miss Spinks, who studied art and design at Chesterfield College and lived in Old Whittington, worked as a packer at e-commerce firm Xbite and occasionally modeled for a London agency.

She used to work with her suspected killer, who Xbite colleagues described as a ‘loner’ and a ‘weirdo’ who was sacked just six months ago amid concerns about his conduct to other staff.

One source claimed Miss Spinks had obtained a restraining order against him because he was ‘so obsessed with her that he ‘wouldn’t leave Grace alone and even turned up at the stables where she went riding. Another said he had lived with his parents and was not known to have ever had a girlfriend.

An employee said that her stalker ‘just flipped and killed her,’ adding: ‘The man used to work here. I knew him – many of us did. We knew Gracie, and it isn’t enjoyable. It’s going around that she had a stalker who was obsessed with her. It’s the man who worked here who just flipped and killed her.

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‘He was a weirdo and wouldn’t leave Gracie alone.’

Meanwhile, it emerged that a ‘murder bag’ containing knives and an ax allegedly used in the attack was found stashed in a lane around 100 yards from where Miss Spinks was killed.

Anna White Statement

Anna White, who found the bag, wrote online that she had handed it to police to be told it would not be forensically examined. Derbyshire Police refused to comment.

Mrs. White posted a picture of the contents of the rucksack she found in early May – including an ax, hammer, two large knives, a flick knife, Viagra, and a sinister note which read: ‘Don’t lie!’

She wrote: ‘I found a backpack six weeks ago… the contents of which were extremely disturbing. I contacted the police and handed the bag to them. They basically said they wouldn’t be investigating further despite the obvious fact that DNA would have been recoverable.’

She added: ‘If this is in any way linked to this incident, then the police.


An IOPC spokesman added: ‘We have been notified that a referral is being made by force. When we receive it, we will assess to determine what we need further action.”

Pals said the pair, who used to work together, had been on one date.

They claim she had taken out a restraining order against him after he continued to turn up at the stables.

A friend said: “He became obsessed with her and wouldn’t leave her alone.”

Devastated workers at XBite at Markham Vale Business Park, Derbys, were in tears when the news was broken of tragic colleague Gracie’s death on Friday.

Nearly £7,000 has already been donated to look after her beloved horse Paddy.

Heartbroken friends are also planning a vigil in her memory.

A message on the page said: “Gracie was a beautiful girl, at just 23 years old she had already touched so many people’s lives and what lovely memories she leaves behind.

“She was also so, so stubborn, and she’d always stand up for what was right.

“If you knew Gracie, you’d also know she was horsey mad and had the gorgeous horse called Paddy whom she loved dearly.

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