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Michael Madsen

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Michael Madsen was arrested after he allegedly trespassed on an unnamed property in Malibu on Wednesday, reported The Daily Mail.

Madsen was arrested after the property owner attempted a citizen’s arrest for trespassing before alerting the police. The police then escorted the actor in handcuffs from his Malibu home.


He is 64 years old.

Michael Madsen Arrested

He was arrested on Wednesday night at his Malibu home shortly after 9 pm Pacific time for trespassing at another property, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department tells DailyMail.com.

The dishevelled-looking actor was photographed being led from his home in handcuffs by police, who then escorted him to a local hospital before transferring him to the police station.

His arrest comes just a month after his 26-year-old son Hudson died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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Police say that a local unnamed property owner attempted to make a citizen’s arrest for trespassing and phoned authorities on Wednesday evening.

Cops responded to a ‘call for service’ where they were told that the property owner wished to press charges against the Kill Bill star.

Madsen was then seen being picked up by uniformed officers and escorted to a police vehicle at his home.

Looking worse for the wear, the actor wore baggy jeans, a denim jacket, and a partially unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt.

He reportedly spent two hours at West Hills Hospital before police brought him into the station.

According to his booking documents, he was given a $500 citation for a misdemeanour and released shortly before 7 am on Thursday.

It is unclear if Madsen was under the influence at the time.

In 2019, the actor was axed from a $100,000 role in the movie Confessions of a Serial Killer after crashing his Land Rover into a pole and subsequently being arrested for DUI. He was later sentenced to four days in jail.