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Michael Koranda

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Michael Koranda is a South Dakota elementary school teacher who was arrested for making brownies with weed butter after his elderly mother unwittingly gave them to elderly friends who feared they’d been poisoned.

Koranda of Tabor was arrested on January 5 for possession of a controlled substance but has since posted a bond.


He is 48 years old.

Michael Koranda Arrested for Making Weed Brownies 

Koranda, a choir director in the Bon Homme School District, had just returned from a trip to Colorado when he decided to bake brownies with the weed butter he had brought home with him from the state. Recreational and medicinal weed is legal there – but medicinal marijuana was only legalized in South Dakota in July 2021, and recreational use remains illegal.

After the baking session, he reportedly went to sleep, unaware that his mother, 73-year-old Irene Koranda, had decided to take the baked goods with her to a card game at the Tabor Senior Center.

Several senior citizens ate the brownies on January 4. The Bon Homme County dispatch centre received medical calls of elderly members of the centre reporting they feared they had been poisoned around 8 pm that day.

Deputies questioned Koranda’s mother and proceeded to arrest him the following day.

‘An investigation into the incident lead me to believe that the patients were all under the influence of THC from a batch of brownies that were brought to the Community Center by Irene Koranda,’ Deputy Sheriff Joel Neuman wrote in a report, according to local news station KTIV.

Multiple calls were received on January 4 of possible poisoning at the Tabor Senior Center.

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After speaking with several of the affected seniors, deputies found out they had all eaten brownies brought by Irene Koranda. They all subsequently recovered without injury.

A couple at the centre also told authorities that they eventually learned that Koranda ‘had made the brownies and had been in Colorado over the past weekend and brought back products with marijuana.’

On the morning of January 5, deputies spoke to Koranda’s mother, who told them she had taken the brownies to the community centre, unaware they were made with a THC product.

Her son had been visiting Colorado over the weekend and had purchased one pound of weed butter, of which he used half to bake the brownies.

Deputies approached Koranda at Tabor Elementary School, where he agreed to hand the remaining half pound of weed butter as evidence and was subsequently arrested.

Weed butter is a combination of cannabis and butter commonly used to make baked goods. It may contain CBD, a cannabinoid that is not mind-altering, THC, which is psychoactive, or both.

Koranda has since posted bond, and there are no indications that he has been fired from the elementary school he teaches at.

He is scheduled to appear in court again on January 25.