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Meghan Mary Rodriguez

Meghan Mary Rodriguez Wiki – Meghan Mary Rodriguez Biography

Meghan Mary Rodriguez is a former Navarre High School teacher, who accused of sexually assaulting one of her students. The 17-years-old student told authorities the Teacher would fail him if he didn’t have sex with her.


She is 37-years-old.

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Rodriguez Allegation

She allegedly began a relationship with the 17-year-old boy through platonic text messages that eventually turned to sexual content and led to an encounter last summer in a classroom at Navarre High School.

The Student told her he wasn’t interested in continuing a romantic relationship and he was worried she ‘would fail him’.

According to the student’s account, he had unprotected vaginal sex with Rodriguez in 2019 because she told him she was infertile.

Rodriguez’s life partner told examiners that when he saw her messaging the understudy, he didn’t think it had been suitable.

During a gathering with police on April 28, the casualty said Rodriguez was getting progressively engaged together with his own life and supported him among different understudies.

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He developed stressed over his evaluations while during an excursion to Orlando, Rodriguez supposedly disclosed to him another instructor, Suzanne Wilcox didn’t look after him since she realized he had offended Rodriguez and had an idea that they were impractically included.

The understudy guaranteed Rodriguez was so furious and baffled at him that she cleared six individuals from lodging in order that they could represent quarter-hour about his affections for her.

He told specialists that he conceded he has no affections for her, inciting her to boost their experience the previous summer and for her to inquire about whether he suspected she was a ‘whore’.

The understudy later told his folks since he was apprehensive ‘she would bomb him’.

He keeps up that Rodriguez started the experience. ‘(The understudy) demanded this just happened once and he thought twice about it thereafter,’ the capture report said.

Facts You Need To Know

  • She allegedly begins a relationship with the 17-year-old student through platonic text messages that eventually turned sexual.
  • They allegedly had unprotected sex last summer in a classroom at Navarre High School in Florida after his football practice.
  • The Student told his parents because he was worried she would fail him after he told her he wasn’t interested in continuing a romantic relationship.
  • Rodriguez reportedly denied to a school administrator that she had sex with the student but admitted they kissed.
  • Rodriguez’s husband told cops he had seen a message come through on his wife’s phone from the student, in which he referred to her as a ‘cute teacher’
  • She quit on May 28 and was jailed on the second-degree felony charge of sexual assault on a minor on June 11


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