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Matt Grant

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Matt Grant is a musician. When he was out busking on the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland on Tuesday, “the worst thing that could have happened.”

The musician was confronted by a woman who grabbed his guitar and smashed it up, leaving him without the means to ply his trade.

Later that evening, Grant set up a crowdfunding page in the hope of raising enough money for a replacement.


He is 26 years old.

Matt Grant Guitar Smashed

He described the incident on the fundraising page, saying: “Often I don’t rise to people coming up and talking nonsense but this lady was pushing it too far. She was in my face swearing and shouting at me. I told her to go away and she wasn’t having any of it. She grabbed my guitar and smashed it over the ground.”

What happened next, however, was a much nicer surprise.

By the following day, Grant had raised £4,000 (around $5,200) — more than enough for the guitar, as well as other pieces of kit he planned to replace.

But when he arrived at the music store guitar, the staff had a message for him. They had received a call from a “third party,” who was trying to track Grant down to buy him a new guitar.

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Much to Grant’s surprise, the benefactor turned out to be none other than “Seven Nation Army” singer Jack White.

The singer-songwriter, who was half of the rock duo The White Stripes until 2011, heard about Grant’s plight and asked his management to try to find him — which they did by ringing around the guitar shops in the Scottish capital.


Updating his GoFundMe page on Wednesday, Grant wrote: “Incredible. Jack White from The White Stripes got in touch this morning and decided to buy me a brand new guitar.
Unbelievable. From one of the worst things to happen to one of the best. Once again, thank you for everyone’s help.”

When Grant arrived at the guitar to collect his new acoustic instrument, he was put in touch with the singer’s manager.

He later took to Instagram with a video of himself busking again on Edinburgh’s streets — playing “Seven Nation Army.”

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