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A female Army officer told a court-martial of her horror when Colonel Martin Toney ‘ordered’ her to give him a goodnight kiss and then rubbed her backside in a room full of other ranks.

The woman has accused her former boss, Colonel Toney, of sexual assault in a function room at the Trolltun Guesthouse hotel in the ski resort of Dombås, Norway, when Col Toney was a lieutenant colonel.


He is 57 years old.

Victim Statement

She claimed the assault happened during the final evening of the Army Medical Service’s Nordic Ski Championships in December 2012.

Challenged about her memories of what happened with Col Toney, who has 36 years of service in the British Army, she said: ‘I will always remember the feeling of his hand upon me.’

The court-martial heard that the alleged incident happened during a drinks party after an all-ranks meal of Scandinavian delicacies to round off the ski training camp.

The former major, who cannot be named, claims she was ‘utterly sober during the festivities because alcohol was costly and not many people were drinking.

After an hour or so, she said she wanted ‘to politely leave to go and pack’ and Col Toney, sitting alone in a conference chair, was the most senior officer in the room, if not the only other officer.

She said: ‘So out of politeness I went to say goodbye to him. He said, “Give me a kiss goodbye,” and I felt entirely puzzled by that.

‘We did not have the type of relationship where I would kiss him goodbye.

‘It was very much phrased as a command.

She continued: ‘It felt like it went on for a long time. It was only 10 to 15 seconds, but it felt like at least a minute.

‘He thoroughly groped my bottom.’

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She felt his hand ‘moving in a fairly leisurely fashion. ‘I was just frozen during this,’ she added.

‘I felt so humiliated. I just wanted to get out of the room as quickly as possible.

‘I felt humiliated, degraded, and confused. I would generally tell someone to f**k off. But I don’t know him to f**k off because he is a senior officer.

‘He had decades of military experience.

‘I am not some naïve 18-year-old; it is not the first time I have had inappropriate sexual contact – but it was the only time with a senior officer.’

She had experienced ‘mess high jinks’, but this was different partly because it happened in a room full of more junior soldiers, which she said made it ‘a lot worse’.

She added: ‘My rank meant nothing because it was fine to treat me as an object.’

She was also in a relationship at the time and did not want anyone to think she was cheating on her partner.

After she told a female colleague what happened, Col Toney was interviewed by police under caution but denied anything untoward had happened at all.

Martin Toney Denied The Alleged Incident

Giving evidence this afternoon, the 57-year-old Colonel denied the alleged incident at the Trolltun Hotel ever happened.

He was a senior officer at the adventure training camp and the director of the exercise, where 64 recruits were involved in two weeks of cross country skiing.

He said he had attended the event for 12 years and could not recall any of the final dinners ending on a ‘sour’ note, which he would remember as they were always ‘jolly occasions’.

He said: ‘It did not happen. It is not something I would do.

‘I do not know why she is saying it. I did not do it.’

During cross-examination, defending barrister, David Richards told his alleged victim: ‘You knew a lieutenant colonel could not order you to give him a kiss.’

She replied: ‘It felt like an order.

‘He thought he had a right to touch me because he was more senior than me. So that is what happened.’

The hearing, expected to conclude tomorrow at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, continues.