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Martin Foster

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Martin Foster blocked police from returning to their vehicle after they tried to stop the rave on Harrow Road, Maida Hill, west London on August 31.

This was the Bank Holiday weekend on which the Notting Hill Carnival had been set to take place but had been moved online due to coronavirus.


He is 42 years old.

Martin Foster Case Hearings

In London, the Metropolitan Police said at the time, it had shut down 21 unlicensed music events, having had 58 reported to them on Saturday.

Commander Bas Javid issued a warning ahead of the weekend that while officers were working to engage with people and remind them of the restrictions, they would take action where necessary.

Foster and over 100 other ‘hostile’ partygoers did not disperse until the police returned a second time and ordered them to turn off the music, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard.

Julie Idowu, prosecuting, said: ‘Offices attend an unlicensed music event on 31 August at Harrow Road.

‘They attended the event twice but they did indeed allow the event to continue even though the Crown says it was a breach of the Covid 19 regulations.

‘There were 100 people in number and they were hostile to the police.’

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Ms. Idowu said Foster jumped in front of PC Harry Didsbury and colleague PC James O’Neil as they went back to their marked vehicles.

She said: ‘The defendant stepped in front of officers.

‘At one point he grabbed hold of PC Didsbury and the officer had to pull away.

‘PC O’Neil had to move towards the defendant, he held his hand up in an open palm gesture so the defendant would calm down.

Defendant Statement

‘The defendant was aggressive.

‘The defendant has not calmed down, he has seized hold of both the officer’s arms and held tightly, he had to tell the defendant to let go of his arms several times.’

The prosecutor said the officer said ‘get off, get off’ but was only able to break free until he used a ‘release tactic’ on Foster.

Ms. Idowu added: ‘The defendant lashed out one more time.

‘But no injuries were sustained.’

A statement from PC O’Neil read: ‘When he took hold of my arms I could feel how he was gripping my forearms and I was in fear of my safety.’

Foster, of Whitby Rd, Ruislip, admitted assault by beating of an emergency worker.

He was let off with an 18-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £300 in compensation.

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