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Luchiano Lewis

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Luchiano Lewis pleaded guilty to murder and robbery charges last month in the death of Barnard College freshman Tessa Majors was sentenced Thursday to nine years to life in prison.

Lewis, who was 14-years-old at the murder but charged as an adult, cried as he spoke in court Thursday, saying he was genuinely sorry.

“As a human, I feel ashamed, embarrassed, and sad at the role I played in destroying two families. Nothing I say or do can change that fact,” Lewis said.

Tessa Majors Murder

Lewis and two middle school pals — Rashaun Weaver, then 14, and Zyairr Davis, then 13 — stabbed Majors, 18, to death during the ruined robbery in Morningside Park.

During the attack, Tess fought back, calling Lewis a “coward” and getting Weaver’s DNA under her fingernails, according to court papers.

Her parents said murder should not be normalized or rationalized and offered empathy to all parents who have lost a child to violence.

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Weaver was the first to attack the college freshman after she passed the trio while staring down at her phone. He ran up behind her and kicked her hard in the back. A brawl ensued, and Majors bit Weaver, then yelled for help.

That’s when Lewis allegedly held her in a headlock, and Weaver repeatedly stabbed her, piercing her heart and sending the feathers of her down coat into the air. The boys fled with her iPhone.


Lewis pleaded guilty last month to second-degree murder and first-degree robbery.

“The murder of Tessa Majors tore at the fabric of this entire city,” said Justice Robert Mandelbaum.

The judge pointed to Lewis’s poor track record in jail, including possessing contraband and participating in a violent slashing of another inmate for taking a blanket he wanted.

“Sadly and troubling, the defendant has learned no lesson,” Mandelbaum said before handing down the hefty term — the maximum for his age.

Bogdanos played a short video that showed the aftermath of the trio’s handiwork — during which Inman left the courtroom. Majors are offered to stumble toward a lamppost and to collapse on the ground, where she died.

Lewis’ defense lawyer requested the minimum before turning the floor over to her client.

“As a human, I feel ashamed, embarrassed, and sad,” Lewis, slumped in his chair, told the court, without looking at Majors’ father. “I am not the monster you once thought I was.”

The teen saved his final words for his father, who was also present.

“Dad, I am sorry I failed you,” he said. “I promise I will make you proud again.”

Davis, who was charged as a juvenile delinquent, was the first defendant to plead guilty in the case. He copped to one count of first-degree robbery in 2020 and was sentenced to 18 months in detention.

Weaver is awaiting trial.

“Our lives are forever changed, and not a day goes by that we don’t think about what could have been for Tess’s future,” the parents wrote. “Not a day goes by that we don’t consider what could have been done to prevent her brutal — and again — senseless — death.”


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