Who is Luba Bozanich? Wiki, Bio, Age, Arrested, Spits on Muslim Couple, Racist Comments

Luba Bozanich

Luba Bozanich Wiki – Luba Bozanich Bio

Luba Bozanich is an Islamophobic social worker who has been arrested for racially abusing and spitting at a Muslim couple at a Florida Walgreens.

Maskless Luba Bozanich was filmed launching the racist tirade at vacationers Nahla Ebaid and her husband Tamir Elhadad on March 31 at the store in Fort Lauderdale.


Her Age is unclear.

Luba Bozanich Racist Comments

Florida woman who went on an anti-Muslim rant in a disturbing viral video said that she regrets her words and that she had been provoked when she was told to wear a mask.

‘You look like a f***ing n****r,’ Bozanich is recorded telling the couple in cellphone footage.

‘Want me to spit on you again?’ Bozanich adds, suggesting that she has already spit on the couple. ‘What an [sic] ugly b***h,’ Bozanich says, seemingly directed at Ebaid. ‘Why do you wear clothes like that?’

Anti-masker goes on a horrific racist rant against Muslim shoppers.

‘You are a f***ing c***sucker, you probably suck c***s,’ she continued, before referencing, they were Muslim and saying ‘Kiss my a**.’

Bozanich then calls 911, telling the officers, ‘They’re Muslim, here in our country.

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‘There’s Muslims here that are threatening me,’ she said, claiming that one of the victims threatened to throw her on the ground, which a man, off-camera, refutes several times.


An employee is also heard on the video repeating her request for Bozanich to wear her mask.

However, when the police arrive, it’s Bozanich, arrested and faces charges of battery for allegedly spitting on Elhadad.

The incident is coming to light at the start of Ramadan; a 30-day holiday focused on forgiving and loving for Muslims.

The couple chose to forgive Bozanich for her hateful rant and not press charges, leading the police to release her.

Nahla Ebaid Statement

‘She apologized, and we accept her apology,’ Ebaid said to NBC Miami. ‘This is from our religion; we have to forgive and give another chance.’

Bozanich claimed that she can’t wear a mask for medical reasons.

The licensed social worker apologized for her actions but also suggested that she was provoked into the confrontation.

‘I don’t like what I saw, but I’m human,’ Bozanich said to Local 10 News. ‘When this guy said what he said to me, I said what I said to him, and I got angry. I felt furious, and I told him off.’

Ebaid, meanwhile, is not backing down after the incident from being true to her identity.

‘My message for the Muslim women: Wear your hijab, don’t be scared to wear your hijab,’ Ebaid stated.

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