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Lisa Miller

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Lisa Miller is a former Vermont woman, who wanted for more than a decade in a high-profile same-sex child custody case, has been arrested after turning herself in.

She was wanted since 2010 when a warrant for her arrest was issued after she was accused of fleeing the country with the child she had during a since dissolved civil union.


She is 52 years old.

Charges on Lisa Miller

The ACLU posted a summary of the case on its website.

“Janet and Lisa Miller-Jenkins lived in Virginia, and travelled to Vermont to enter into a civil union,” it explains.

“Back in Virginia, they decided to have a child, and Lisa artificially inseminated. Lisa gave birth to Isabella in April 2002. A couple of months later, Lisa, Janet and Isabella moved to Vermont.”

The post says that Isabella “bonded with both women, who both acted as mothers to her. In 2003, the couple split up. Lisa moved with Isabella to Virginia.

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Lisa then filed a petition for dissolution of the civil union in Vermont family court.

As part of the civil union dissolution, Lisa conceded that Janet had parental rights to Isabella and in light of that fact asked the Vermont court to determine custody of Isabella.”

Another court document reads, “After initially allowing Janet to visit IMJ in June, Lisa thereafter refused to permit Janet to have contact with IMJ as required by the terms of the Vermont custody order.”


Court documents say that Lisa Miller arrested on Jan. 27.

She is awaiting transfer to Buffalo, New York, where she indicted in 2014 on international parental kidnapping charges.

Miller and her former Vermont civil union partner, Janet Jenkins, had a child through artificial insemination and later broke up.

Miller gave custody, but she refused to allow Jenkins court-ordered visitation.

She allegedly fled to Nicaragua in 2009 when it became clear she would lose custody of the child.

Miller’s attorney did not respond to a request for comment.


A court document says that a Vermont Court issued a temporary custody order granting Lisa primary physical custody and Janet visitation rights.

The courts eventually determined that Janet and Lisa were both “legal parents” of the girl and Lisa “was in contempt of court for refusing to allow Janet visitation.”

In 2006, the Vermont Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the orders of the lower court.

Lisa objected to Janet having visitation rights and filed a court action asking the court to declare she was the “sole parent” and the only person with parental rights over the child.

In 2004, the court ruled that Lisa was “the only parent… and that neither Janet ‘nor any other person has any claims of parentage or visitation rights.’”

According to the ACLU, the judge relied on an act that rendered civil unions invalid at the time.

But Janet appealed that decision. A higher court reversed that decision.

The courts ruled that Vermont was the proper jurisdiction for the case.

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