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Lindani Myeni

Lindani Myeni Wiki – Lindani Myeni Bio

Lindani Myeni, who once appeared on South Africa Idol, has been shot dead by cops in Hawaii after he allegedly charged at officers who were responding to a 911 call claiming he had followed a woman into her home.

He married a father-of-two from the Zulu Kingdom in South Africa. He was shot and killed Wednesday evening by Honolulu Police officers during an apparent home invasion incident in the Nuuanu neighborhood.


He was 29 years old.

Lindani Myeni Assault on Police Officers

Police said Myeni, who lived nearby, followed a woman into her home, took off his shoes, and exhibited ‘odd’ behavior.

Myeni, who is black, then allegedly assaulted the three police officers who arrived on the scene with the police chief, saying their ‘lives were in jeopardy before the cops fired four shots at him.

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One cop was hospitalized with significant facial injuries and concussion following the incident, while the other two also sustained injuries, police said.

But Myeni’s family has cast doubts on this version of events, with his American wife saying he was not a violent person and suggesting his actions may have been the result of cultural differences after moving to Hawaii in January.

Shot And Killed

His death comes one week after Honolulu Police officers shot and killed 16-year-old Iremamber Sykap during a car chase on April 5.

Both males killed in the officer-involved shootings are thought to have been unarmed at the time.

The fatal shooting unfolded at around 8:10 pm Wednesday when officers were called to a home on Coelho Way after receiving a 911 call from a woman for a burglary in progress.

Myeni was taken to The Queen’s Medical Center in critical condition, where he later died from his injuries.


Myeni’s wife Lindsay Myeni, who was born in the US but met her husband while she was on missionary work in South Africa, told Hawaii News Now she does not know what led him to visit the home.

However, she dismissed the claims it was a burglary, describing him as the ‘most gentle person’ and suggesting different cultural norms may have meant the residents misunderstood his actions.

Lindsay said her husband had been on his way home to the house they shared with their two children just down the street from the now-crime scene.

He had been at the Pali Lookout earlier that day and seemed his usual self, she said, adding she had spoken to him less than 20 minutes before the incident unfolded.

Police Report

HPD Police Chief Susan Ballard said the man walked into the house and was erratic.

She said he sat down and took off his shoes, and he was trying to talk to the homeowners, but they were distraught. He eventually walked out.

Ballard said the first officer who arrived ordered Myeni to lie down on the floor, but she claimed Myeni punched the officer.

“The second officer tried to intervene, and a third used a Taser. The first officer then fired a single round, and the suspect ‘continued and straddled’ another officer, and that was when the second officer fired three more rounds. The suspect was taken to hospital where he later died,” she said.

She added that the other officers were wounded in the incident.

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