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Lawrence Rudolph

Lawrence Rudolph Wiki – Lawrence Rudolph Biography

Lawrence Rudolph is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area dentist accused of murdering his wife during an African Safari and pretending it was an accident.

Authorities now say that a web of extramarital affairs and millions of dollars in life insurance policies led the dentist to murder.


He is 67 years old.

Bianca Rudolph Murder

The complaint accuses Rudolph of murdering his wife while “the two were on a hunting trip in Zambia on October 11, 2016.”

During 2016, the Rudolphs “travelled to Zambia multiple times. Their final trip to Zambia was scheduled to take place between September 27, 2016, and October 11, 2016,” the complaint says. “Bianca Rudolph’s goal during the trip was to kill a leopard. She was unsuccessful in killing a leopard but did kill numerous other animals during the trip.”

Rudolph was not actively hunting, although he was there: they took two guns with them for the hunt; the complaint alleges a Remington .375 Rifle and a Browning 12-gauge shotgun.

That’s when it took a dark turn. “On October 11, 2016, at approximately 5:30 a.m. local time, the Rudolphs were packing to leave their hunting camp in Kafue National Park, Zambia, when Bianca Rudolph was shot in the chest with the Browning shotgun,” the complaint says.

Zambian Police Service performed an investigation, which involved interviewing Lawrence.

Complaint Against Lawrence Rudolph

The complaint says he told police the following:

…he was in the bathroom of their cabin, and Bianca Rudolph was in the bedroom area when Lawrence heard a gunshot. Lawrence came out of the bathroom to find Bianca lying on the floor, bleeding from the chest. Lawrence tried to resuscitate Bianca but was unsuccessful. Lawrence told the Zambian Police he suspected the shotgun had been left.
Loaded from the hunt the previous day, the discharge occurred while she was trying to pack the shotgun into its case.

On October 27, 2016, a friend who was not named called the FBI legal attache in Pretoria, South Africa, to say she wanted the FBI to investigate the death of Bianca.

She revealed that she suspected foul play because “Lawrence Rudolph had been involved in prior extramarital affairs and had been having an affair at the time of Bianca’s death,” the complaint says.

The friend said that Lawrence “had been verbally abusive in the past and that the two had had fights about money.”

The friend said the Rudolphs’ children did not know about her death for about a week, and some of her friends and family did not know she had died until the funeral. The friend believed that Bianca would not have wanted to be cremated and said, according to the complaint, that “Larry is never going to divorce her because he doesn’t want to lose his money, and she’s never going to divorce; Him because of her Catholicism.”

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The complaint says that additional witnesses interviewed by the FBI corroborated that Lawrence was having an affair.

Investigators interviewed the professional hunting guide’s ex-wife. She didn’t believe the shotgun was functioning properly and said the Rudolphs appeared to be having a good time and seemed to “be a very strong couple who were happy together.”

The FBI interviewed a former employee of Three Rivers Dental who “may not have left employment…under favourable circumstances.” This former employee came to know the girlfriend of Lawrence, a manager for Three Rivers Dental, who disclosed she was in a long-term relationship with Lawrence for 15-20 years.

The complaint alleges:

She had given Lawrence a one-year request to sell his dental offices and leave Bianca. Authorities learned the girlfriend was living with Lawrence and had been since 2017. They offered $3.5 million cash to purchase a different home.

She was referenced as Lawrence’s new wife, but no record confirms a marriage. Lawrence and the girlfriend travelled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, multiple times before Bianca’s death and again a few months after Bianca’s death.

The day after Bianca’s funeral, Lawrence purchased a ticket for the girlfriend to travel from Pittsburgh to Phoenix, but it was cancelled the same day.

Lawrence also purchased a ticket for another woman to travel to Las Vegas. He also travelled there and paid for a hotel room. He desired to “live openly with a girlfriend,” the complaint says.