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Laura Luelmo

Laura Luelmo Wiki – Laura Luelmo Biography

Laura Luelmo, a teacher who was allegedly raped and murdered by a neighbor just two months after his release from jail for the murder of another woman.

On Monday, convicted killer Bernardo Montoya, 53, appeared on trial in Huelva, Spain, accused of torturing Laura Luelmo, 26, before killing her with a blow to the head with a rock.


She was 26 years old.

Laura Luelmo Raped And Murdered

The woman’s horrifying ordeal happened in 2018, when the 26-year-old from Zamora moved to El Campillo, near Seville, to work as an art teacher, report the Times.

Luelmo, who had previously complained to her boyfriend about her next-door neighbor staring at her, was allegedly attacked on December 12, 2018, when she was coming home from the supermarket.

After serving time in prison, Montoya had just moved in the area for killing an 82-year-old woman after robbing her house, El Mundo reports.

Prosecutors allege that he attacked the teacher and forced her into his home before hitting her multiple times with a stick.

He allegedly tied her up and raped her before hitting her again with a “blunt object.”

According to the autopsy, the woman had suffered at least 40 injuries all over her body.

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Montoya is accused of placing her body on the trunk of his car and driving to the nearby area Las Mimbreras to dump it.

Her disappearance sparked a frantic search, and her body was eventually discovered five days later while Montoya was arrested in a nearby town.

Although he initially confessed to the killing, he later tried to blame his ex-girlfriend.

He told cops he returned to the scene and discovered his victim still breathing, so he hit her on the head with a rock.

The teacher’s case baffled investigators at first as Montoya’s identical twin brother Luciano appeared, who is also serving 18 years in prison for the murder of a woman.

Luelmo’s death sparked fury across the country, with thousands of women protesting with the motto #WeAreAllLaura.

Bernardo Montoya Trial

Montoya’s trial is expected to last this week while his lawyers attempt to reduce his sentence by submitting a medical test in a bid to prove impotence.

The convicted killer went on trial yesterday accused of torturing, raping, and murdering a young woman in a crime that prompted a wave of protests across Spain.

Prosecutors allege that Bernardo Montoya, 53, killed Laura Luelmo, 26, by striking her across the head with a rock, but only after subjecting her to a terrifying ordeal. He had been released from prison for the murder of another woman two months before the killing.

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