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Laura Frenchkiss

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Laura Frenchkiss, better known as Laura Frenchkiss, died yesterday in Torremolinos. One of the most beloved and recognized actresses of the series ‘Veneno’ vanished in the middle of the street, without the medical services doing anything to save her life.

In the absence of knowing the details of the autopsy, everything indicates that he died due to a heart attack.


She was 66 years old.

Spanish Actress Dies

As some friends have confirmed to this newspaper, the actress had been working, like every night, in the Parthenon room in the town and was returning home when she suffered the unfortunate mishap. After falling in the street, some people in the vicinity took her to a medical center, but she had already died.

Laura’s death has been a severe blow to the LGTBI community in Malaga, which did not take long to show its regret for her death. The actress worked normally in the nightclub yesterday, and no one could imagine this dramatic end since “she looked full.” After the death, the body was transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine, where an autopsy was performed before being transferred to the cemetery.

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Upon learning of the death, the networks have been filled with messages of condolences. The first to confirm the news was Los Javis, the producer of the fiction series. Subsequently, the profile of the Pasaje de Begoña in Torremolinos was pronounced: «Those of us who have had the privilege of meeting you will never forget your courage and your will to live. We love you. Goodbye, friend! », They have said.



Laura was one of the most recognized characters in the fiction series when she played the role of Rocío. Specifically, Frenchkiss was one of the friends of ‘La Veneno,’ Cristina Ortíz. In addition, she was a beloved LGTBI activist who fought from the Costa del Sol for the equality of the ‘trans’ group to which she belonged. Those who knew her to say Frenchkiss was a fighter.

Born in Bilbao on December 23, 1955, the actress lived and worked in the Costa del Sol city for several years, where she shared a flat. She was very loved and recognized in the night world since she worked as a ‘hoster’ or host in the Parthenon room.

Despite all the difficulties, Laura Frenchkiss was not satisfied and decided to fight for the rights of the collective. Throughout his life, he managed to participate in different series and programs. In recent years, already in Torremolinos, Laura collaborated with numerous campaigns of the LGTBI collective and participated in different events organized by La Térmica.

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