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Laney Keyz

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Laney Keyz is a Bay Area rapper. Keyz’s home got riddled with bullets and it wasn’t a drive-by it was a walk-up, and it was all captured on some wild video, according to TMZ.

TMZ has obtained surveillance footage that shows three men walk up to what we’re told was Laney’s L.A. home in the wee hours of Feb. 18  and you see them fire off several rounds at the property before they turn around and make a run for it.


We will update soon.

Laney Keyz Home Shooting

One of the guys seems to linger to shoot a bit more … and eventually scrams with his cohorts. It doesn’t appear anyone returned fire — even though they react like that happened.

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Anyway, law enforcement sources tell us LAPD officers located a number of shell casings on the ground where the shooting was reported, but they’ve come up empty thus far on possible suspects.

Fortunately, we’re told no one was injured in the gunfire an investigation’s underway.

As for Laney sources familiar with the situation tell us he WAS inside during the shooting but walked away unscathed.

Sources say no one can think of a motive as to why anyone shot at him, so the whole thing remains a mystery.

He ain’t sticking around to crack the case, though we’re told Laney moved the hell out and is on to another pad. Good idea.

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