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LaKevia Jackson

LaKevia Jackson Wiki – Biography

LaKevia Jackson was a young woman killed in an Atlanta shooting after a fight over a bowling ball late Thursday evening who has a son with well-known rapper Young Thug.

Jackson’s family called the shooting senseless and said they were having a hard time coming to grips with her death during an outing meant to be a celebration of life.


She was 31 years old.

Incident Details

The 31-year-old mother was out at the Metro Fun Center in a shopping centre located at the 1900 block of Metropolitan Parkway in southwest Atlanta. Her mother said they were bowling when a second group came in and started taking over their space, leading to an argument shortly after 11:30 p.m. over a bowling ball.

Calling the shooting “truly an atrocity,” Atlanta Homicide Commander Ralph Woolfolk did not mince words.

“A young lady has lost her life tonight as a result of an argument over a bowling ball,” Woolfolk said.

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The shooter reportedly left the bowling alley and waited in the parking lot for 20 minutes waiting for Jackson to come out.

“We will work this case through the night. We will find the person responsible,” Woolfolk said. “You know who you are. Go ahead and turn yourself in. We assure you that we will bring you into custody.”

Police Report

Atlanta officials said it’s time for the senseless violence to stop.

“We talk about conflict resolution time and time again and once again this is an escalating dispute in which a young lady has lost her life over a bowling ball,” Woolfolk said.

“Senseless, it could have been avoided. Like I said, the homicide detective said it best, conflict resolution, people don’t know how to resolve a conflict and they want to pick guns up to resolve a conflict,” said stepfather Andre Shoates.

Investigators combed over the parking lot for ballistic evidence and spoke with several witnesses to help them piece together what led to the deadly shooting.