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Kyota Hattori

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Kyota Hattori was identified and arrested as the suspect of the Tokyo Knife Attack. The horrifying incident has happened in Tokyo where a man dressed in a costume of Joker and thrashing a knife stabbed at least one traveler.

This incident happened on a Tokyo commuter train before beginning a fire, injuring travelers and sending people rushing to escape and jumping out from windows to save their lives, witnesses and police stated.

The Tokyo Fire Department stated 17 passengers were injured, including three seriously. Not all of these passengers were stabbed, and most of the other injuries were not serious.


He is 24 years old.

Tokyo Knife Attack

The attack happened at around 20:00 local time (11:00 GMT) near Kokuryo station, in the city’s western suburbs. Eyewitnesses said the suspect was wearing a bright purple and green suit.

Media reports say police arrested the man on the spot.

According to news outlet Kyodo, he told police he adored the character Joker in the Batman comics.

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The Joker is a supervillain in the comics and batman’s archenemy. The 2019 hit movie Joker, starring actor Joaquin Phoenix, featured a scene where he attacks several men on a train after being repeatedly harassed by them. It’s a pivotal moment, marking the beginning of the character’s transformation into the Joker.

Kyota Hattori Arrested

On Monday, The Tokyo metropolitan police department said that the attacker, whom cops identified as Kyota Hattori, was apprehended on the spot after the attack on Sunday and was being investigated on suspicion of attempted assassination.

The attacker, traveling in an express train headed towards Tokyo’s Shinjuku station, precipitous took out the knife from his bag and stabbed a seated traveler- a man who is in his 70s-in the right chest, according to police.

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