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Kyle Clinkscales

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Forty-five years after an Auburn University student Kyle Clinkscales went missing on his way to school, his car – and possibly his remains – has been found.

Clinkscales And his 1974 white Ford Pinto Runabout disappeared on January 27, 1976, when Clinkscales was on its way to Auburn University, about 45 miles from Lagrange, Georgia, said Troop County Sheriff James Woodruff in Georgia.

Woodruff said the Clinkscales never returned to school and that his parents had reported him missing.


He was 22 years old.


Woodruff said the sheriff’s office has been searching Clinkscales and his car for 45 years, after hundreds of clues, although no significant progress has been made.

Woodruff told a news conference Wednesday that a man called 911 on Tuesday when he found the car in a bay in Chambers County, Alabama.

Remains Found

Woodruff said human bones were apparently found in the car. He said the bones had not yet been identified, adding that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was investigating.

Woodruff said the identification of the Clinkscales and the credit card were found in a car wallet.

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The river flows under a busy road, officials said. The car was about three miles from the highway that would take Clinkscales to school, officials said.

Police said they did not know what the 911 operator was doing with the river, adding that contact details had been made available to investigators.

The sheriff said he believes his remains will help determine if it was a malfunction or a car accident.

Woodruff said Clinkscales’ father died in 2007 and his mother died in January of that year. While the sheriff said he wanted the mother of Clinkscales to be alive to see the progress, “the only fact is we hoped she would get it and the car gave me a sigh of relief.”