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Kim Joseph Habit

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Kim Joseph Habit is a Virginia man who has been arrested and charged after FBI agents executing a search warrant found explosives and child pornography in his home.

Habit has been charged with knowingly shipping, transporting, and receiving an explosive without having a license or permit and possessing child pornography, according to a federal investigation’s search warrant obtained by WTKR.


He is 46 years old.

Kim Joseph Habit Arrested

Habit allegedly purchased significant quantities of chemicals, lab equipment, and other components “which could be used to create a destructive device or are consistent with items used in the manufacturing of improvised explosives,” the station reported.

Investigators say internet use at Habit’s homemade child pornography is available for others to download.

According to The Virginian Pilot, court documents reveal. Habit lives with his 73-year-old mother, who had him temporarily committed to a mental hospital, alleging he was a potential danger to himself nearly 20 years ago.

The FBI obtained a search warrant for his home on Dec. 9. It was executed on Dec. 14.

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Agents found one box containing a grenade fuzzing mechanism, large amounts of primers, empty rifle cases, and handwritten notes on how to assemble the device, according to court documents News 3 reported.

“Another box found also contained items that the FBI says could create an explosive. Numerous firearms, chemicals and one gas grenade were found during the search warrant,” the report reads.

Officials also say Habit used a storage facility in Chesapeake to hold home with two spools of military-grade detonating cord.


According to officials, Habit has not applied for nor received a license or permit to receive or transport explosives.

Habit appeared in court Thursday, where the TV station says he waived his right to a preliminary hearing. He’s currently being held at the Western Tidewater Regional Jail since his arrest, and his public defender did not want to comment for the report.