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Kenneth Walker

Kenneth Walker Wiki – Kenneth Walker Biography

Kenneth Walker is the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old Black emergency clinical expert who was executed on March 13 after White Louisville Metro Police Department officials entered her home with a no-thump warrant searching for drugs, CNN announced. Walker is a local of Louisville, Kentucky, and was with Taylor for quite a long time,” “the Louisville-Courier Journal revealed. Walker, the second of three youngsters as indicated by NBC, joined in and moved on from Valley High School where he additionally played football for a long time, as per 11 Alive. He later went to Western Kentucky University for a long time.

At the point when the police entered the home, Walker thought the house was being attacked, so he got his gun, which he is authorized to convey, and discharged an admonition shot. He guaranteed that the police never reported themselves.


His age is unclear.

Kenneth Walker Was Arrested

Because of the shot Walker discharged, he was accused of endeavored murder of a cop and first-degree attack. The charges against him were later dropped after Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine mentioned that the charges be excused. They were excused on May 26, 2020, without bias, WHAS 11 announced.

“This issue having preceded the Court on the Commonwealth’s movement to excuse the prosecution thus without bias according to RCr 9.64, the gatherings having been heard, and the Court being generally adequately exhorted, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the movement is GRANTED and the arraignment against Defendant is DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE,” the authoritative record expressed.

Wine said that further examination was required so as to seek after these charges against Walker.

“I accept that extra examination is fundamental,” Wine stated, the New York Times expressed. “I accept that the autonomous examination by the lawyer general’s office in Kentucky, the F.B.I. what’s more, the U.S. lawyer’s office must be finished before we go ahead with any arraignment of Kenneth Walker.”

Walker & Taylor Relationship

Taylor’s mom, Tamika Palmer, said that Walker had needed to wed Taylor and have an infant.

“He has consistently revealed to me he planned to wed her,” Palmer told NBC. “They helped you to remember two minimal elderly individuals shouting at one another attempting to instruct one another — generally her attempting to guide him — yet you were unable to break them separated.”

Walker’s mom, Velicia, said that other than purchasing an infant pair of Air Jordans for the youngster they intended to have, Walker had likewise approached her for a souvenir for their future wedding day.

Walker’s Lawsuit Against Louisville Police

Walker documented a claim against the LMPD and the city of Louisville on September 1, 2020, USA Today revealed. Not exclusively is Walker looking for invulnerability from the indicted, he is blaming them for battery, attack, pernicious arraignment, maltreatment of cycle and carelessness, bogus capture and detainment in a claim recorded in Jefferson County District Court. In the claim, his legal advisor, Steve Romines, likewise asserted that Walker wasn’t the person who shot Sergeant Mattingly.

“We realize police are terminating fiercely from different edges,” Romines said. “The course of events and proof at the scene is more characteristic of (police) really shooting Mattingly than it is Kenny Walker.”

The agreeable guaranteed that Walker is a “casualty of police wrongdoing.”

Walker missed Taylor’s Funeral

At the point when Taylor was let go at the Greater Friendship Baptist Church on March 21, Walker couldn’t join in. As indicated by NBC, he was in police guardianship during her burial service.

“At the point when you are taken shots at and when you see a friend or family member fundamentally executed before you, you never recoup from that,” Romines said. “It is something that frequents him each and every night. Also, not just that, all that goes down and afterward he’s captured. He didn’t get the opportunity to go to her burial service.”

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