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Ken Hensley

Ken Hensley Wiki – Ken Hensley Biography

Ken Hensley was an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, best known for his work with Uriah Heep during the 1970s.

He was born on 24 August 1945, Plumstead (south east London), England. His birth name was Kenneth William David Hensley.

Hensley, best known for his work with 1970s rock band Uriah Heep, has died, his family has announced.


He was 75 years old.

Ken Hensley Family

Born in Plumstead, south-east London, Hensley moved with his parents, three brothers and sister to Stevenage, Hertfordshire in 1945.


He learned how to play guitar at the age of 12 from a Bert Weedon manual. His first gig was at The Mentmore Pen Factory, in Stevenage (September 1960). After that, he played with The Blue Notes, Ken and the Cousins, and Kit and the Saracens (1962). In 1963, this band evolved into The Jimmy Brown Sound, and they recorded some now lost songs. At this time, Hensley’s first “professional” opportunity almost came about: they were to back Ben E. King on a British visit, but it never happened.

In early 1965, Hensley formed a band called The Gods, with the young guitarist Mick Taylor, well known later for his work with John Mayall and The Rolling Stones.

Hensley wrote most of the material, sang, and played the Hammond B3 organ as the band already had the talented Mick Taylor on guitar.

Hensley left the band in 1980, unhappy with the musical direction they had chosen. After trying to put a new band together in the UK (Shotgun), he later moved to the USA and played a few gigs in North America as The Ken Hensley Band. Around this time he released his third solo LP, Free Spirit (1980).

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In 1982 Hensley joined Blackfoot, a hard rock Florida-based band. In 1994, From Time To Time, a collection of lost recordings was released featuring rare songs recorded by Hensley between 1971 and 1982, as well as some early versions of Heep’s classic songs, played by Hensley and his roommates at that time, namely guitarist Paul Kossoff and drummer Simon Kirke (both of Free).

Hensley’s musical activities began to increase in 1999, besides his work with St Louis Music. He recorded an album, A Glimpse of Glory, together with his band Visible Faith.

After moving to Spain, Hensley released The Last Dance (with new songs), The Wizard’s Diary (Uriah Heep classics re-recorded in 2004), and Cold Autumn Sunday (Hensley’s solo songs re-recorded in 2005).

In September 2008, Hensley went on stage again with former Heep bandmates Lawton, Kerslake, and Newton along with ex-Focus guitarist Jan Dumée, for the “Heepvention 2008” fans meeting.


His wife’s name is Monica. In later years, Hensley and his wife lived in the village of Agost near Alicante in Spain.

Death Cause

The English singer-songwriter passed away peacefully on Wednesday evening, according to his brother Trevor Hensley.

He was said to be creating a new solo album at the time of his death.

In a statement on Facebook, his brother Trevor said: ‘I am writing this with a heavy heart to let you know that my brother Ken Hensley passed away peacefully on Wednesday evening.

‘His beautiful wife Monica was at his side and comforted Ken in his last few minutes with us.

‘We are all devastated by this tragic and incredibly unexpected loss and ask that you please give us some space and time to come to terms with it.

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