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Ken Bone

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“Red Sweater Guy” Ken Bone – America’s most famous and undecided voter of 2016 – still hasn’t concluded who to decide in favor of, as per a report.


His age is unclear.

Ken Bone is Still An Undecided Voter For 2020 Election

Illinois’ staggering conduct created a ruckus via online media in the wake of asking Hillary Clinton and afterward up-and-comer Donald Trump an inquiry concerning their energy arrangements during a municipal center style official discussion.

Yet, the blossom immediately blurred after reports surfaced that he had submitted protection misrepresentation, accepted killed Florida youngster Trayvon was legitimized, appreciated viewing the ‘butt-head’ of the entertainer Jennifer Lawrence and delighted in the strange pornography of pregnant ladies.

Back at the center of attention in a meeting with Newsweek, Bone said he was astonished Trump won. He portrayed the president’s residency as “hits and misses with a lot a bigger number of misses than hits.”

“What Trump is truly doing is controlling individuals through the media,” he told the magazine. “It’s insane how he makes us all focus on what’s in his correct hand while doing his mastery with the other.”

Ken Statement

During the Democratic primary, Bone said he supported Andrew Yang.

He said the first presidential debate, which got out of hand during a heated match between Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, did not improve his opinion of either candidate.

“I think we got what we expected. In a way, we got almost what we deserved because we all did our part to raise the temperature of political discourse, ”Bone told Newsweek.

“Some people probably older than your grandparents are yelling at each other and telling each other to shut up and talk to each other like drunk parents on Thanksgiving. It was madness. ”

He added: “I didn’t have a very high opinion of either at first so it was hard to bring them down. I think Joe Biden did a much better job than Donald Trump, but he wasn’t exactly John F. Kennedy up there. ”

And if Bone had the chance to ask a question in a debate this season, he would be “tempted” to repeat his last question, which he said had not received an adequate answer in the past four years.

“It’s hard to watch this process. It’s like watching your own house burn down. But I feel like I owe people to watch,” Bone said of this year’s debates.

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