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Kelly Siple

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Kelly Siple was arrested for murder and human trafficking for the death of daughter Kamarie Holand – weeks after Siple denied involvement and called the child “my life” during a tearful TV interview.

A 5-year old Georgia girl was brutally murdered after her mother took money from a man to have sex with the young child, authorities claimed.


She is 35 years old.

Kelly Siple Arrested

Prosecutors say, Jeremy Williams, 37, paid Siple to have sex with her daughter before he raped and strangled her, WRBL-TV reported Friday, citing court records.

Siple reported the child missing on Dec. 13, saying she woke up and found the front door open at her home in Columbus, Ga. Later that day, the child was found dead in Phenix City, Ala., in an empty house where Williams once lived.

Williams and Siple had a relationship; police told WRBL before a court-issued gag order on the case. Reports said that the man, who has previously been accused of child abuse, may face more charges.

Two days after Kamarie’s murder, Siple donated the girl’s toys to WTVM-TV for the station’s annual toy drive. She said the child would’ve wanted her toys donated “because she was a very helping child.”

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“I’m a mommy – I did not have anything to do with this,” she said. “She was my life. I lived for her. She was my only girl. I have three boys and her.”

Karma’s father, Corey Holland, stated WRBL after Siple’s arrest.

“She’s a monster,” said the statement from dad Corey Holland. “A real mother protects and would die for her children … My family and I will continue to wrestle with the loss of losing our angel Kamarie. We will ask that you continue to make your news about her and the justice she deserves.”

Columbus’ Assistant Police Chief Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick said the case had struck a nerve for local law enforcement.

“The only thing I have to say is, please monitor where your kids are and who they are around,” Dent-Fitzpatrick told the station.