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Kathleen Kirkwood

Kathleen Kirkwood Wiki – Kathleen Kirkwood Biography

Kathleen Kirkwood was an entrepreneur and fashion designer, and company founder who often appeared on Q.V.CQ.V.C. She died in November 2021 in New York, friends say.


She was 62 years old.

Death Cause

Kathy Levine, a former Q.V.C.Q.V.C. host, wrote on Facebook on November 5, 2021, “We called her the Queen of Shoulder Pads, The Undercover Agent at Q with her beautiful camisoles, and the ecological green machine with her dedication to recycling through her Bra Recycling Agency (B.R.A.B.R.A.); but I called her friend. Kathleen Kirkwood passed away after a short illness.

Levine added, “A tireless worker, a wonderful sister and daughter, a passionate dog mom, and a most beautiful friend, Kathleen loved her Starbucks cappuccino and brain-storming different business ideas. Her mind never stopped noodling how to create clever new items, and how to make a difference in the world.”

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Kirkwood’s exact cause of death was not immediately known. Her sister, Joann, posted on Instagram on September 27, 2021, “My sister needs prayers today please pray for her?She always has a fighting spirit so I hope she’s fighting now! I love you Kath a leen❤️.”


Kirkwood, who lived in New York City, according to her Facebook page. According to her LinkedIn profile, she graduated from Maria Regina High School in Hartsdale, New York, in 1978.

Kirkwood started her career working as a showroom salesperson at Gil Aimbez Static, according to her LinkedIn. She then worked as a sales executive at Philippe Adec in Paris, France. She wrote on LinkedIn that she sold “a collection of jeans and sportswear from Paris, to better-UPSCALE boutiques and specialty chains, in the United States and France.”

In 1983, she founded her own company. She wrote on LinkedIn her company creates “fashion innovations such as the patented COOKIE-CAMI, the shoulder pad solution Pints-of-Pads, Undercover agent blouse, Dick Trac-ease, and Bust-ease.

There are solution projects that are licensed, including GLOW PROTECTION, a sweat-blocking tee for MEN and WOMEN. MANAGE trademarks, I.P., website sales and partnerships with manufacturer’s and factories.”

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