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Kathleen Casillo

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Kathleen Casillo, who plowed into a half dozen protesters on the streets of New York says she was in fear for her life after protesters screamed, “White privilege, Bitch!” and started pounding on her car.

The woman who drove into a crowd of people in New York City Friday has been charged with reckless endangerment, police said.


She is 52 years old.

Kathleen Casillo Drove into a Crowd

She is from Rockaway Park, Queens. Also, a 32-year-old woman who was a part of the demonstration was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of governmental administration after she interfered with emergency medical service experts as they responded to the scene.

Casillo was driving her BMW with her 29-year-old daughter in NYC Friday when she stopped at a light where protesters were gathered demonstrating against ICE. She says they started banging on her car and pulling the door handles to get inside. She says she feared for her and her daughter’s lives, saying images from news reports of drivers being pulled from their cars and beaten flashed before her eyes.

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Six people were injured when Casillo drove through a march — aimed at drawing attention to an ongoing hunger strike by immigration detainees at a jail in New Jersey — between 39th Street and Third Avenue at around 4 p.m. Friday, the New York City Police Department said.

When she accelerated into the crowd, she struck multiple people who were walking, as well as people on bicycles.

The victims were taken to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries, the city’s fire department said, and Casillo was detained for questioning.

Her motive is still unclear.

Casillo Statement

The 52-year-old woman says she floored it in fear and doesn’t even remember hitting anyone.

Hit people she did … 6 to be exact, who was propelled into the air like rag dolls. All 6 suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Casillo stopped a block from the incident and was arrested for reckless endangerment.

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