Who is Kashish Aggarwal? Wiki, Biography, Age, Jailed For Life, Stabbed Wife, Trial

Kashish Aggarwal Wiki – Kashish Aggarwal Biography

Kashish Aggarwal stabbed his wife to death and was found by police checking his neighbor’s CCTV to see if he had been spotted has been jailed for life.

Aggarwal brutally attacked Geetika Goyal 29 at their home in Leicester before wrapping her body in plastic on March 3 this year.


He is 28 years old.

Incident Details

Kashish Aggarwal stabbed Geetika Goyal multiple times before putting her body into the boot of her car and driving her to a nearby street to be found, Leicester Crown Court heard.

He attacked Ms. Goyal at their home in Wintersdale Road, Leicester, on Wednesday, March 3.

Aggarwal then made calls to his wife’s phone and family and friends, reporting his concern he had not seen her since arriving home from work in a bid to cover his tracks.

Ms. Goyal was pronounced dead at the scene after being discovered on a pavement in Uppingham Close, Goodwood, at about 2.30 am the following day.


Aggarwal was charged with Ms. Goyal’s murder on Saturday, March 6, and remanded into custody.

Leicestershire Police confirmed Aggarwal was initially being treated as a significant witness, but following inquiries, he was arrested on suspicion of murder shortly after Ms. Goyal’s body was found.

He told police he had arrived home from work at around 7.30 pm on a Wednesday and had gone straight to have a shower.

He said it was around an hour later he realized he had not seen his wife and started making calls to family and friends.

Inquiries carried out by the force’s Murder Investigation Team included a search inside the home where blood was found, including in the dining room and garage.

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Aggarwal, who pleaded guilty to murder at trial on October 8, has been sentenced to a minimum of 20 years and six months in prison.

Detective Inspector Jenni Heggs, from the East Midlands Special Operations Unit and the Senior Investigating Officer in the case, said her “thoughts are with Geetika Goyal and her family.”

She said: “Geetika was just 29-years-old when a person, who she should have been able to rely on and trust, violently attacked her in her own home before ultimately dumping her body in a nearby street.

“Aggarwal showed no remorse and was only interested in trying to cover his tracks, pretending to family, friends, and the police that he had no idea what had happened to his wife.

“He continued to change his version of events several times when being interviewed by police.

“Today’s hearing sadly will not bring Geetika back but I do hope it helps Geetika’s family in some small way to see that justice has been done for their daughter and sister who lost her life in this most horrendous way.”


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