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Justine Gross

Justine Gross Wiki – Justine Gross Biography

Justine Gross was a Penn State student, and former high school cheerleader fell 11 stories to her death in a trash chute — after allegedly having a bad reaction to a “smoke.”

The body of Gross of Summit, NJ, was discovered last week when a trash hauler emptied its load at a Pennsylvania landfill, her mother told NJ.com on Thursday.


She was 19 years old.

Justine Gross Dies

Francoise Gross said her daughter, a communications sophomore at State College, Pa., ended up plunging from the chute into a dumpster where she lived at the Beaver Terrace Apartments about a block from campus.

The shattered mom said Justine’s roommates told her that her daughter had met a young man two days earlier who gave her a “smoke” before the fatal fall.

The man, believed to be a student who lives on the seventh floor of the building, told Justine’s mom that her daughter ran to the top floor and jumped into the chute after taking the unspecified drug.

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“He said, kind of casually, ‘She came down, and I gave her a smoke,’” Francoise said. “He said she had a terrible reaction, a panic or whatever, and he was trying to take her back to her apartment on the 10th floor.”

Police Report

Police in State College have said Gross’ death appears to be accidental, but her mother isn’t entirely convinced, NJ.com reported.

The teen sent a Snapchat message moments before her fateful plunge telling a friend, “Something just happened” late Nov. 10. Francoise Gross said she traveled to Penn State to meet with cops, who showed her video of her daughter’s final moments.

The footage shows Justine leaving her 10th-floor apartment and walking to meet the man on the seventh floor, where she later leaves while limping. She never returned to her apartment — and instead ran into the 11th-floor trash chute room by herself and disappeared, NJ.com reported.

“That’s just not Justine,” her mom said. “She would never do something like that, go down a chute.

“They want me to believe she walked into that chute. I believe someone was chasing her, and she went into the chute, thinking it was a staircase.”

“I will bury her,” Francoise Gross told NJ.com. “But I want to know what happened to her.”

According to the report, Francoise said cops had questioned the man twice but that “he’s not talking” after hiring a lawyer.

State College police didn’t return phone calls Thursday, NJ.com reported. A Penn State spokeswoman said Justine’s death occurred off-campus and would be “inappropriate” for the university to interfere with the investigation.