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Julieta Anton

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Stunning Argentine dancer JulieJulieta Antonta Anton was attacked by an infatuated student at the dance school where she teaches in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is the terrifying moment an obsessed fan holds a famous TV dancer at knifepoint before he is shot and arrested.

Both she and the school’s owner Sofia Bovino, 36, were allegedly attacked by Sebastian Damian Villarreal, 30, who is reportedly “obsessed” with Julieta, who starred in Argentina’s popular ShowMatch TV show.


She is 26 years old.

Julieta Anton Attacked By Student

The twisted fan arrived at the ‘El Club de Danza’ dance school armed with a butcher knife, said officials.

Cops stormed the building after locals alerted patrol officers when they heard the two women’s screams on Tuesday afternoon.

The dramatic video shows the moment police and Villarreal are in a standoff as an officer calls for backup and an ambulance.

The petrified women can be heard begging the suspect to stop after he was cornered in a room holding the women at knifepoint.

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Police keep their distance while the cop that called for backup holds up his firearm.

He then puts it down and is heard saying: “Drop the knife, I am not aiming at you, drop the knife.”

But the officer then suddenly fires at the suspect who falls and immediately surrenders to police as one of the women can be heard yelling “My finger!” while police arrest Villarreal and the video ends.

Both women were taken to the Pirovano Hospital where they were treated for several cuts sustained in the attack but are reported to be “out of danger”.


Alberto Crescenti, head of the country’s emergency medical service SAME, told local media: “From the wounds they lost a lot of blood, but they are out of danger.”

According to local Argentine news channel TN, Bovino’s sister confirmed she has undergone surgery in one of her fingers.

Villarreal was hit and taken to the Tornu Hospital where he remains hospitalised, according to local sources.

The 30-year-old remains in police custody and is charged with aggravated assault with serious injuries and is being investigated by the Criminal Prosecution of Felony and Misdemeanours.

The attack came after a barrage of messages from twisted super-fan Villarreal to the dancer, a friend told news channel TN.

The messages “made her nervous but she did not imagine him capable of such an act”, added her friend Ayelén.

Instagram Post

In a post on Instagram, where Julieta has 135,000 followers, the dance school shared a message of thanks to supporters.

“We want to communicate from the dance club that both Julieta Antón and Sofia Bovino are out of danger, in good health and accompanied by their relatives,” they wrote.

“The case is already in the hands of justice. Thanks to everyone for your concern and support.”

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