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Josieli Lopes

Josieli Lopes Wiki – Josieli Lopes Biography

Josieli Lopes was a native of Itapema, Brazil. Her Jealous husband is alleged to have accidentally killed his breastfeeding baby when he poisoning his ex-wife.

After the breakdown of their marriage, the anonymous man should move out of the home he imparted to Josieli Lopes.


She was 36 years old.

Josieli Lopes poisoned By Her Ex-Husband

He is asserted to have harmed a bit of meat and took care of it to her when he discovered she had begun a relationship with another man.

Nonetheless, the child additionally expended a deadly portion of the undefined toxic substance when it drank it’s mom’s bosom milk.

As she fell gravely sick, he said he would take her and the child to medical clinic, neighborhood media reports.

Notwithstanding, the man supposedly drove the perishing pair to a distant wilderness in Rio dos Cedros, in southern Brazil, where he covered their bodies.

Josieli’s Ex-Husband Arrested

The 34-year-elderly person was captured by cops after he admitted to killing the mother seven days after she and her infant were accounted for missing on September 15, neighborhood media says.


Josieli’s family got dubious after her offended spouse apparently sent messages to them from her telephone about moving to another area.

After concerned family members took a stab at calling her, her number got inaccessible.

Josieli’s high school child raised the alert after he saw the message seemed to have been created by another person.

The collections of Josieli and her child were found in the lush wilderness on September 22.

As per police, when they scrutinized the supposed executioner, he revealed to them he had not planned to slaughter the newborn child.

Cops state he disclosed to them he had harmed a bit of meat which was eaten by Josieli and didn’t know the toxic substance would influence their child who was breastfed not long after.

He offered to help police by taking them to where he is said to have covered the bodies.

As per Chief of Police, Diogo Medeiros, holes in the speculate’s record of what happened had made his story befuddling.

Police are as yet investigating the case.


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