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Joshua Gamble

Joshua Gamble Wiki – Joshua Gamble Bio

Joshua Gamble and Anthony Gamble are from New Jersey; they are charged with the death of a man whose body was discovered in Richland Township.

In a news conference, Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said Joshua and Anthony Gamble of Somerset, New Jersey, face criminal homicide, criminal conspiracy, and related charges. Joshua is being charged as an adult.


Joshua is 17 and Anthony is 19 years old.

Incident Details

A state trooper spotted what appeared to be a disabled Subaru with New Jersey plates on the 500 block of East Pumping Station Road shortly after midnight Thursday. An Audi with Florida plates was parked 100 feet from the Subaru.

The trooper saw a man on the ground in a wooded area. According to Weintraub, the man was detained and later identified as Joshua Gamble.

Authorities say he had blood on his shoes and was wearing a plastic-coated work glove. He also had a Subaru fob, which was stained what appeared to be blood.

The trooper then heard what sounded like a man running through the woods.

The man ran towards the Subaru before being detained. Investigators say he also had blood on his shoes and shirt.

Two work gloves were found inside the pockets of his pants. He was identified as Anthony Gamble, the DA said.

Joshua Gamble And Anthony Gamble Charged

As the investigation continued, police located a substantial amount of blood inside the Audi and requested backup. Authorities say they also discovered a large knife on the passenger floor of the car. The knife had blood on the blade and its wooden handle, according to investigators.

Police found a cell phone and sanitizing wipes on the roof of the Audi, and a second cell phone was found inside.

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Joshua allegedly purchased the wipes and two sets of coated work gloves from a nearby 7-Eleven in Richlandtown, about 20 minutes before state police showed up.

Police located 26-year-old Kevin Rosero in the woods a short distance away from where Joshua had been lying and where the Audi was parked. The initial investigation indicates Rosero appeared to have stab wounds in the head, neck, upper chest, and arm.


Prosecutors presume at this time the homicide happened in Bucks County.

The DA praised the attention to detail of the trooper who noticed the situation.

“This is exactly why the cops are on patrol, they notice something eschew, something that makes their sixth sense go off and this trooper did exactly what we would hope,” he said.

The brothers have no apparent connection to Richland Township.

“The Gamble brothers have no apparent connection to this area, being Richland,” Weintraub said. “Obviously this case is ongoing, I can’t predict the future, I don’t know what other facts will be revealed to us, but as of right now, we are unable to discern any reason for them to be in Bucks County, in Richland Township.”

The Gambles were arraigned Thursday and were sent to the Bucks County Correctional Facility without bail.

An autopsy will be conducted Friday.

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