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Joseph Ferlazzo

Joseph Ferlazzo Wiki – Joseph Ferlazzo Biography

Joseph Ferlazzo is the husband of Northfield woman Emily Ferlazzo, who is arrested for killing his wife.

The husband of a missing woman reportedly last seen Saturday in Bolton faces a charge of first-degree murder in her slaying, Vermont State Police said late Tuesday night.


He is 41 years old.

Emily Ferlazzo Disappearance

Family members in New Hampshire called police on Monday night to report Emily Ferlazzo missing, police said. She’d been staying at an Airbnb in Bolton — about 30 minutes outside Burlington, Vermont — with her husband.

Joseph Ferlazzo reportedly told Emily’s family that following an argument on Saturday, Emily got out of their camper van and began walking down Route 2. Joseph said the family he went to a convenience store in Bolton, and when he returned to pick his wife up, he couldn’t find her.

State police began searching for Emily Ferlazzo shortly after the missing person report was filed Monday night.

Joseph Ferlazzo Arrested

The court ordered Joseph Ferlazzo jailed overnight without bail, state police said in a news release.

Maj. Dan Trudeau, head of the Vermont State Police criminal division, announced the arrest and charge against Joseph Ferlazzo during a press briefing late Tuesday night at the state police barracks in St. Albans.

“It’s very tragic, and our thoughts and prayers certainly go out to friends and family of Emily,” Trudeau said.

State police first announced an investigation into Emily Ferlazzo’s disappearance at 2:35 a.m. Tuesday and issued a series of updates culminating in Tuesday evening’s press conference.

Shortly after 1 p.m. Tuesday, police said they were also trying to find her husband and asked for the public’s help locating him.

However, shortly after putting out that request, Trudeau said that a state police detective located Joseph Ferlazzo by chance in a convenience store in St. Albans. The detective had stopped into the store for lunch when he saw the wanted man, Trudeau said.

The detective asked Joseph if he would be willing to go to the state police barracks in St. Albans for questioning his wife’s disappearance, and Joseph Ferlazzo agreed, Trudeau said.


Joseph told detectives he killed Emily inside their vehicle in Bolton, according to police.

Trudeau declined to elaborate on the manner of death before Joseph Ferlazzo’s arraignment Wednesday.

The couple traveled from their home in New Hampshire to Bolton on Friday night, Trudeau said.

Police described the vehicle as a small bus that had been converted into living and travel space the couple shared and had taken to Bolton late last week.

Police said earlier in the day they located and seized the bus in St. Albans. After speaking to Joseph Ferlazzo, Trudeau said investigators conducted a court-ordered search of the vehicle at the barracks in St. Albans and uncovered the human remains and other evidence corroborating his account of the killing.

The victim’s body will be taken to the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Burlington for an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death and confirm identity, according to police.

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