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Joseph Brockhouse

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Joseph Brockhouse has become the youngest angler to catch a 100lbs-plus fish in British waters after hooking a whopping 9th sturgeon – which weighed more than him.

Brockhouse battled for 30 minutes to haul the 126lbs beast to the surface during a camping trip with his father and little brother last month.

He had been fishing for two days on a private 10-acre lake near Manchester when he landed the prized fish, which was 26 inches longer and 2.5 stone heavier than himself.


He is 11 years old.

Joseph Brockhouse Catch a 100lbs-Plus Fish

Father Lee, 43, and brother Alex, 10, had to help lift the 6ft 8ins (2m) long monster to pose for a photo before throwing it back into the water.

Incredibly, Joseph also managed to break two more personal records during the weekend by landing roach and perch weighing more than 2lbs.

Married father-of-three Lee, of Nuneaton, Warks., said: ‘To say he was over the moon is an understatement.

‘We spent two days on a private lake owned by my friend, and Joe had a very successful trip.

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‘He was chuffed to beat two personal bests for roach and perch, and then on a Sunday morning, he got this sturgeon.

‘My mate had told me it was in there, but it’s a 10-acre lake, so we thought it might take some finding – and even then, we had to catch it.’


Joseph hooked the sturgeon using a halibut pellet and a 3.5lbs rod and was able to bring the catch in all be himself from the banks of the lake.

Property manager Lee added: ‘It took him 30 minutes or so, but he managed it; I was impressed because it put up one hell of a fight.

‘I’m not sure I would have known what to do at his age, but he’s been fishing since he was six, so he reeled it in like an expert.

‘We all did okay and caught 80 fish over the two days.

‘We fished day and night and stayed in tents. It was a brilliant trip. This catch topped off a great weekend.’

Joseph, who turned 12 since the fishing trip last month, said: ‘It gave me a fantastic fight, taking 30 minutes to land.

‘Once we got it in, my dad and brother had to help me lift the fish for a photo.

‘We had 80 fish between us on that session, and I also had roach and perch to 2lb, as well as five carp over 20lb.’

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