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John Eyers

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John Eyers was a fit, and healthy father with a love of rock climbing and bodybuilding have died of Covid-19 after refusing the vaccine because he thought he would be OK if he caught the virus, his twin sister has said.

He was a construction expert from Southport, Merseyside, climbing the Welsh mountains and wild camping one month before his death last week, which came exactly four weeks after he tested positive.


He was 42 years old.

John Eyers Died

Mr. Eyers, who died on July 27 at Southport & Ormskirk Hospital, was described by Mrs. McCann last month when he was still alive as a ‘staunch anti-vaxxer’. She added that the family had ‘all fallen out with him over his stance’.

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The mother-of-two posted a series of tweets about Mr. Eyers this week, saying: ‘My 42-year-old twin brother died in ITU (intensive treatment unit) of Covid-19 last week. He died precisely four weeks after testing positive.

Sister Statement

John Eyers’ heartbroken twin sister urges people to get vaccinated after her “superfit” brother’s death.

‘He was the fittest, healthiest person I know. He was climbing Welsh mountains and wild camping four weeks before his death. The only pre-existing health condition he had was the belief in his immortality.

‘He thought if he contracted Covid-19, he would be OK. He thought he would have a mild illness. He didn’t want to put a vaccine on his body. His was pumped full of every drug in the hospital. They threw everything at him.

‘But eventually, the bedfellow of Covid-19, infection and organ failure, claimed his life. Before he was ventilated, he told his consultant that he wished he had been vaccinated. That he wished he had listened. His death is a tragedy.

‘It shouldn’t have happened. He leaves a mum and dad, a sister (me), and a 19-year-old daughter. My two children have lost their fun uncle. The Uncle would always play with them.

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