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John Evans

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John Evans is a former strongman, has delighted This Morning viewer after balancing a large chimney on his head.

He is from Derbyshire, appeared on the ITV program today to showcase his talent, which he hopes to be sponsored for to raise funds for blind and partially sighted charities.


He is 74 years old.

John Evans Balance Chimney on His Head

Wearing a Santa outfit, the 74-year-old balanced the huge object on just his head for several seconds, impressing viewers who labelled him a ‘legend’ and said his dedication to charity was ‘heartwarming.’

The head-balancing pensioner has raised more than £250,000 for charity, having previously tackled bricks, milk crates, and even cars.

But shockingly, John admitted he’d never trained in a gym.

He told co-presenter Vernon Kay: ‘I’ve never been to the gym in my life, but I’ve got 98 world records now, and I’ve travelled the world with all these immense heavyweights on my head.

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‘There’s no one else in the world that ever did the same as me and I’m 75-years-old… I don’t feel it, so carry on while I can.’

People Reaction

Twitter users were impressed by John, with one writing: ‘John balancing a chimney on his head to raise money for the blind and partially sighted is the most heartwarming thing I’ve seen on TV all year, what an amazing man.’

Another said: ‘What a character this John is on This Morning. I actually remember him balancing that Mini car on his head. Legend.’

A third added: ‘How do we donate to John’s cause? I just want to take him home and be his best friend.’

‘I’ve got one eye, I’m a diabetic, I’ve got asthma, I’ve got angina and after all is said and done I’ve got 98 world records,’ John previously said.

‘This one (the chimney) … will be hopefully my 99th world record and then coming up to my 75th birthday, I’m having a big five foot by five foot (1.52m x 1.52m) crown made and I’m going to balance that on my head and it will be my 100th world record.’

John discovered his talent as a teenager working on building sites.

‘I was about 17, 18. I used to carry bricks on my head on a board… taking 24 bricks on my head up ladders,’ he said.