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Jessica Williams

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Jessica Williams is a mother who was left fighting for her life with her children when a gas explosion destroyed their home has spoken of hearing her sons screaming for help while she was trapped under rubble.

Miss Williams was left with 70 percent burns and placed in an induced coma for a month after her terraced house in Seven Sisters, South Wales, was destroyed in the blast on June 24.


She is 31 years old.

Jessica Williams House Destroyed

Jessica Williams fed her sons, Reuben, five, and two-year-old Elliott breakfast before heading out to enjoy the scorching weather.

Wednesday, June 24 was just a normal day of summer.

When they arrived back at their terraced home in Seven Sisters just before 2 pm that afternoon, from the outside, the house on Church Road looked as it should – nothing seemed amiss.

Little did they know that within minutes the entire house would disappear, in its entirety. Reduced to rubble with 31-year-old Jessica and her boys still inside.

Miraculously the three survived.

Jessica Statement

Over four months later – a month of which was spent in an induced coma – Jessica can still describe in painstaking detail the exact moment which changed her family’s life forever.

“We’d had a perfect little morning and I pulled up at the house so I text Michael (Jessica’s fiance, and the boy’s dad) to say ‘see you in a bit’ because he would have been driving home from work then.

“We opened the door to the house and it was just an overwhelming smell of gas. Reuben my eldest said ‘oh my gosh what’s that smell?’

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“I did panic a little bit so I said to them to sit on the sofa and not to move – which I’m really grateful they did because I can’t even bear to think if they had followed me to the kitchen.

She said “I walked into the kitchen to the oven because that was the only gas thing that we had. I don’t know if there was gas coming out of the hob or not but I literally went to turn the dial to check and it just blew up.”


By this point, Jessica’s fiancé Michael had returned from work to be presented with an unthinkable scene.

Where his home once stood – in the row of terraced houses – was just a gap and a mound of bricks. He had no clue the condition his family was in.

“He ran up to me and I can remember his face. I’ll never forget the shock on his face,” said Jess.

“I said ‘where the boys’ and he said he didn’t know, he said he’s seen Reuben but didn’t know where Elliott was which made me freak out a bit.”

The boys were air-lifted to Southmead Hospital in Bristol where they were treated for serious injuries, where they spent three weeks.

Mum Jessica – who felt the full force of the explosion – was rushed to Morriston Hospital and placed into an induced coma.


She spent 14 weeks in hospital being treated for a punctured lung, several broken ribs and her kidneys were failing. She has also suffered serious burns to 70% of her body.

While the boys were in the hospital, Michael stayed with them in Bristol. The coronavirus pandemic made things much more difficult for the family with Jess initially only able to have visitors through a glass panel.

I couldn’t see the boys and that was heartbreaking.

“Michael was the only one who was allowed to visit but in ICU obviously I was very vulnerable at the time so he could only come to the window and speak through there. So while it was lovely to see him, it’s just not the same is it as having someone with you.”

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