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Jessica Hayes

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Cousins Jessica Hayes and Michael Connolly died when a terrifying storm blew up off the coast of Rhodes causing the rope fastening them to a speedboat to snap. Michael’s brother James, 15, was critically injured in the incident.

A source close to the family said today: ‘Jessica was really creative. That is what she loved, being creative. And she just loved people. She was the most loving person.


Jessica was 15 years old.

Jessica Hayes Killed in Parasailing Accident

While in the air the trio veered onto a jagged outcrop just out of sight of sunbathers and are believed to have fallen from a height of 400ft. Due to the remote location of where the teenagers fell, it took rescue crews several hours to reach them.

It is understood that James – who survived – fell onto the rocks, breaking both his legs and suffering injuries to his head and spine.

News of the tragedy didn’t immediately filter back to the children’s families staying at the four-star Lindos Princess Hotel two miles away.

James’s mother fainted when she eventually saw the extensive damage to her son’s face, protothema reported. When she regained consciousness she cried out ‘Where are my other two children’.

Yesterday a staff member told how one of the mothers from the group came out to the beach where the teenagers had set off from after they failed to return.

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He said: ‘She was asking the lifeguards, ‘Where are the kids? They should have been back by now.’ She had no idea what had taken place. No one did.

The company that took the kids out have been operating here for about fifteen years.

‘Nothing like this has happened before.

‘The first we realized was when the coastguard came and took the boss away.

‘Two boats were taken too, presumably for forensic examination.’

The accident happened between 12 pm and 1 pm yesterday afternoon.

Norwegian couple Heir Here and Ine Sandal, in their 50s, witnessed the tragedy unfold from their holiday home.

The pair spoke as they laid flowers at the death spot, telling how the boat desperately tried to catch up with the parasailing trio after the line snapped.


‘An investigation is underway. The boat handler has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.’

The parents of the dead children were taken to a local morgue to identify them.

It’s understood the family at the center of the tragedy is from Corby, Northamptonshire.

Last night A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said that responsibility for the case lies with the Greek authorities and the Foreign Office but that the Northamptonshire coroner will be informed.

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