Jesse Stewart is a musician from Canada. After releasing his hit cover Cold Beer in 2014, he rose to fame (Cry Tunes).

The music video has received over 13 million views on YouTube. Her songs have helped her earn 122,000 subscribers to date.

Stewart hasn’t posted on his YouTube channel in a long time. Many believe he is no longer alive. This is what we know so far.

Death Rumors

Jesse Stewart is rumored to be dead. This is because it has not released any new music in recent years.

The latest album of their songs came in 2019; its name is Shade Life. The album contains a total of ten new songs.

Following his recent demise from the music industry, fans have speculated that he is dead. Some Redditors also claim that he left a long time ago after traveling north. As some say, he was seen attacking a woman.

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However, no news of Stewart’s death has been released. As a result, we are unable to verify the information.

Similarly, his social media profile has been inactive for a long time with his identifier @jessesdirty on Twitter.


Jesse Stewart currently lacks a Wikipedia biography. He was thirty years old, but he could not find out his age or birthday details.

His famous songs are Cold Beer, Marauder, Grove Old, Siren Call When You’re Gone, Broken in Half, and more.

The Canadian singer was also known for performing the covers of various popular songs. For the most part, he preferred to play the eucalyptus.

In 2019, Stewart released his first full-length album, Shade Life, via Mile-Ex Records. Their popularity grew further.

However, he did not post anything on his YouTube channel after that.

In addition, Stewart has an active Instagram profile. The username is @playeverythingfast; to date, it has amassed more than 7.3k followers.

Net Worth

The total value of Jesse Stewart has exceeded $ 25,000 in 2021. Its average revenue is about $ 1,570 to, 4,458 per video. According to one estimate, his average monthly salary ranges from $ 203,000 to $ 578,000. In addition, Stewart benefits from selling merchandise through its online store.

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