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Jermaine Cools

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Jermaine Cools was the boy from London who was stabbed to death in south London earlier this week.

Cools was stabbed several times in a significant fight near West Croydon train station.


He was 14 years old.

Incident Details

His death means 27 young people have been killed in the capital this year, 23 of whom have been stabbed to death.

In terms of total deaths, the capital is roughly equal to 2008’s Sangeen, in which 29 teenagers were killed.

Police were called to London Road at 6:40 pm on Thursday with reports of a fight between a group of people.

Although no suspects or victims were found at the scene, around 7:10 pm, Police were called to a South London hospital where a young man stabbed himself.

Despite the best efforts of the medical staff, Jermaine was pronounced dead.

In a statement issued Sunday, Metropolitan Police said Germain’s relatives had been warned.

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Police added that an autopsy revealed that Croydon had multiple stab wounds to his death.

Police Report

Chief Inspector Richard WendenbergThe head of the investigation, said: “Although our investigation is progressing well, I keep calling everyone who has seen the altercation near West Croydon Station.

“I would also like to hear from someone on the street who has recorded events with a dashcam; your footage could be important in reconstructing what happened.

“Germain’s family was devastated by his murder, and we need to point out who was responsible. If you can help, don’t hesitate to contact my team or inform Crimestoppers anonymously. Give

No arrests were made in the case.

Patrick GreenThe CEO of the Ben Concela Trust Charity said earlier this week that knife-wielding crime is “an ongoing problem” and “getting worse in terms of crime severity,” and statistics show that It’s getting worse every time. The most deadly. Young people become victims.”