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Jeff Perilloux

Jeff Perilloux Wiki – Jeff Perilloux Biography

Jeff Perilloux, complete name Elzey Jeffrey Perilloux, will serve 14 years in jail for the various checks of sex violations he was indicted for submitting against youngster young ladies, some of whom were his little girls’ companions, as indicated by The New Orleans Advocate.

Perilloux won his judgeship in 2016, yet was prevented from hearing any cases starting in May of 2018 when accusations of sexual misconduct were leveled against him, The Advocate reported.


He is 53 years old.

Jeff Perilloux Was Accused of Sexually Touching

According to Law and Crime, Perilloux’s victims were 14, 15, and 17-years-old when he inappropriately touched them.

Several accusations came out during the trial, as the then-teenagers described what happened to them when they were with Perilloux, according to The New Orleans Advocate:

A 20-year-old testified that she had been friends with Perilloux’s daughter and was feeling sick one day in 2017. Perilloux offered to put some kind of ointment on her throat. She said she needed to put in on her chest and wanted to do it herself. He ignored that and, “smeared vapor rub over chest” and touched the side of her breast while standing in his kitchen wearing underwear. “It wasn’t like a few rubs and done. He put on a few layers and was spreading it out a lot,” she said.

A different teenager said that Perilloux had touched her genitals inappropriately under a bathing suit during a vacation in Destin, Florida. This crime was not charged due to jurisdiction, but she also the victim of one of the felony counts against Perilloux.

A third victim said that Perilloux insistently rubbed tanning lotion all over her even though she had asked him not to. “He rubbed it all over me. I just completely froze, tensed up, and stared out the window the whole time,” she said. “I never wanted to tell anyone. I’m not going to say he’s wrong when I’m 14.”

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Perilloux was also accused of asking one of the teens to “name her favorite dirty word” and when she did not respond quickly, Perilloux responded with the word, “p****,” The Advocate reported.

Perilloux’s defense attorney, Jim Williams, attacked the victims’ credibility and said that his client would “rather spend the rest of his life in Angola than plead guilty to something he didn’t do,” according to The Advocate.

The Advocate reported that despite not working since the accusations against him began being investigated in May of 2018, Perilloux was paid more than $250,000 for the 21 months he spent awaiting trial.

Perilloux resigned in September.

Judge Statement

The New Orleans Advocate reported that a six-person jury found Perilloux guilty of three felony counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile and the judge of the case — ad hoc Orleans Parish criminal court judge Dennis Waldron — found Perilloux guilty of a misdemeanor count of sexual battery. Perilloux, who was facing more than 20 years in prison, was jailed by Waldron pending his sentencing because, Waldron said, “an ankle monitor is not going to keep him from jumping off a bridge.”

Perilloux was sentenced to a total of 14 years in prison: three consecutive 4-and-a-half-year sentences for each felony count and a half-year sentence for the misdemeanor count, The Advocate reported. During the sentencing, Waldron referred to Perilloux as a “creepy dad” and a “middle-aged man” who saw teenage girls as “objects to satisfy his carnal desires.”

“He clearly appears to not have accepted any responsibility for the actions he’s committed,” Waldron said, according to The Advocate. “It’s the duplicity of all of this that causes the court great concern.”

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