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Jeff Johnson

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Jeff Johnson, Who played Tiger King in I Netflix Documentary, is dead.

Johnson Debuted in the fourth episode of the 2020 Season as a former reptile trader.


He was 58 years old.


Jeff Johnson Appeared in only one episode of Tiger King. The show has seemed unfocused in recent episodes, including Carol Baskin’s Joseph Maldonado-Pace, or Joe Exotic.

Johnson has had an altercation with a former reptile dealer, which is foreign after the Tiger King Joined forces with Jeff Lowe.

He ran an online campaign claiming that Joe Exotic and Lowe were both artists. Johnson’s home was set on fire shortly afterward, although there was no evidence of his involvement.

Johnson Became the second person I mentioned. Tiger King Documentary Take your life.

Travis MaldonadoTiger King’s third spouse died in an accident while shooting a documentary. He knew the rifle was loaded, but he was sure it would not fire because it did not contain the magazine.

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Johnson But died November 22 After an incident with his wife in his garage on September 8, 2021, According to TMZ.

Johnson Took one Gluck style. According to his wife, the handgun and trigger were placed on his head before firing.

Officers responded to the scene and took Johnson to the hospital, pronounced dead on arrival despite a pulse stop.

Johnson’s wife reportedly told authorities he was not mentally ill and had never attempted suicide before.