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Jayquan Lewis

Jayquan Lewis Wiki – Jayquan Lewis Biography

Jayquan Lewis was a native of the Bronx who was shot dead on August 13. The 14-second surveillance clip from the Friday afternoon ambush inside the B.H. Gourmet Deli on Bainbridge Avenue in Fordham Manor shows the victim, “Law & Order” extra Lewis, among at least five people in the bodega as he waited to buy a bottle of Poland Spring water.


He was 21 years old.

Incident Details

After a night of relative calm on Friday, the following morning on Saturday, Aug. 14, at 2:08 a.m., officers from the 50th precinct were called to Jerome Avenue, between Bainbridge Avenue and East 233rd Street the Norwood-Woodlawn border, following a report of a shooting. Police said an adult male was pronounced deceased at the scene from a gunshot wound to the head.

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Police said no arrests had been made, and the investigation remains ongoing.

Lewis had been shot multiple times and died before reaching a still-undisclosed area hospital. As of Sunday morning, police had made no arrests and did not report any information on the assailant.

Family Statement

Lewis’ mom, Marisol Sanchez, denied that her son was involved with a gang — but she said she always worried about his safety and warned him, “I don’t want you on the street” before he left home Friday to buy a cold drink on that scorching day.

Lewis told his mom, “I love you”, before setting out to the nearby deli.

“I warned him because so much stuff has been going on around here. I have seen so many shootings and I’ve been seeing a lot of killings. That was one of my biggest fears, something happening to my son,” said Sanchez, who was wearing a T-shirt with an image of Pablo Escobar that belonged to Jayquan.

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