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Jan Cilliers

Jan Cilliers Wiki – Jan Cilliers Biography

Jan Cilliers Is the husband of Christy Giles. Prior to her sudden death, the 24-year-old Los Angeles model tied the knot with Cilliers.

Christy Giles There was a model who was found dead on one. Los Angeles On the sidewalk WeekLifeless body of Christy Giles Was discovered outside. Southern California Hospital I Clover City, Los Angeles.

Christy Giles Was 24 Years old.


Cilliers is around 26-28 years old.

Jan Cilliers And Christy Giles

Giles Husband, Jan Cilliers Mourned the loss of his spouse ABC7.

He said, “The damage is just so hard. People share the awesome videos they have, and it brings back their energy.

“I know I will never see her or kiss her or touch her again and that is terrifying.”

Giles There was a model whose body was found outside. Southern California Hospital I Clover City On the sidewalk.

Christy Giles Found Dead

On November 13, 2021, she was pronounced dead at the site.

On Friday, November 12, Giles And his partner, the designer Hilda Marcella Cabralis-ArzulaWas last seen in town.

All three black men, masked in bandanas, allegedly unloaded Giles from a car. “With the removal of license plates,” According to Giles’ family. The cause of his death has not yet been determined.

Her Death, According to LAPD, may be due to an overdose of heroin. Eyewitness News.

After leaving for the night, Giles’ family claimed that he had been drugged and thrown out of the hospital.

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