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James Lambert Otis is the California lobbyist who confessed to crushing President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame while dressed as the Incredible Hulk. He pulled off the trick promptly in the first part of the day on October 2, hours after the president reported he had tried positive for the COVID.

This is the second time Otis has focused on Trump’s star. He harmed the star with a heavy hammer and a pickaxe in October 2016. Otis has handed himself over and faces a lawful offense accusation for the most recent trick.


He is 56 years old.

 James Lambert Otis Smashed Trump’s Hollywood Star 

Otis was unmistakably not worried about getting captured. He shared a video on YouTube that seems to have been shot and altered by an expert videographer. Otis made the YouTube station on October 2 and wrote in the video portrayal, “Infuriated at Donald’s dismissal for science and the climate, physicist Bruce Banner changes into the Hulk and demolishes a terrazzo and metal landmark honoring the atmosphere denier.”

In the clasp, Otis swaggers here and there the walkway in his Hulk ensemble and lets for all to hear snorts. He has a material facial covering on over his green veil and a T-shirt that peruses, “Casting a ballot is my superpower.” Otis additionally waves an American banner as he snarls, “Mass!”

Otis at that point gets a pickaxe and starts pummeling it down on Trump’s Hollywood star, which has a white sheet above it. Otis likewise organized a group of people for the trick; a stuffed Kermit the Frog wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt is sitting in a folding chair watching the activity. After Otis crushes the star, the videographer focuses in on it to give a more noteworthy perspective on the harm deserted.

In the wake of harming the star, Otis keeps on putting on an act on the walkways and waves to witnesses. The video gives the indications that he and his group had set on the walkway. One of the showcases peruses, “Hollywood and Highland get out the vote. The decision in favor of adoration, climate, foreigners, change.” The subsequent banner encouraged bystanders to cast a ballot ahead of schedule via mail.

Close to the furthest limit of the video, the Hulk veil is seen being thrown onto the walkway. Otis leaves the scene as a few others move in to take photographs of Trump’s star.


Otis confessed to harming Trump’s Hollywood star and handed him over on October 5. As indicated by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department records, Otis gave up at the LAPD’s Hollywood Division around 11:30 a.m. He set up for prison soon after 1 p.m. Bond set at $20,000 and Otis delivered soon after 7 p.m. The detainee record shows Otis has a court date set for February 1, 2021.

Otis is confronting a charge of crime defacement. In California, defacing is raised from a crime to a lawful offense if the expense of the harm surpasses $400. The Los Angeles Times, referring to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, announced the harm to Trump’s star would cost more than $3,000 to fix.

 Otis Family 

Otis can without much of a stretch stand to pay for the harm never really Trump Hollywood star since he is essential for the family that possesses the Otis Elevator Company, as indicated by the New York Daily News.

The organization brags on its site that it is “the world’s driving organization for lift and elevator assembling, establishment and administration.” One of its most notable tasks was at the Empire State Building. The organization developed the glass lift that takes guests to the observatory on the 102nd floor

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