Isabella Garcia Family Dies In Crash

Little Isabella has been called “a miracle” following the motorway smash that killed five people including both her parents, toddler brother, and uncle.

Police said the family was driving near Houston, in the state of Texas, when the driver of an SUV lost control and veered into oncoming traffic on Monday.

The SUV drove across a grassed area and hit the Nissan Sedan that Isabella and her family were traveling in head-on.

The tot’s 24-year-old pregnant mum Dominique Ramirez, dad Daniel Garcia, 25, and his 21-year-old brother Fernando Garcia were pronounced dead at the scene.

sabella and her two-year-old brother Isaac were rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital.

Isaac died while Isabella is recovering from her injuries.

Jose Magallon, 37, the driver of the SUV, also died in the crash in Wharton, 60km southwest of Houston.

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Isabella’s emotional uncle Andres Garcia said he never thought his family could ever face such an immense tragedy.

He told US news station KTRK: “I wish I could hug them, I could hold them one more time.

“What’s keeping me sane is the baby. She is a miracle. She is a miracle,

“The doctors say she’s a fighter and she’s doing better than they expected.”

“Baby Bella is a little fighter and is still currently in the hospital. Any donation helps.


Andres has set up a GoFundMe to support his family which has raised $29,000 (£21,600) so far.

It reads: “Reaching out for prayers and help during this difficult time.

“Family, friends, and loved ones we are reaching out to you all asking for prayers and help during this difficult time in our lives as we have lost our loved ones, Daniel Garcia, Dominique Ramirez (who was also expecting a sweet bundle baby), Fernando Garcia, and Isaac Garcia in a tragic car accident.

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