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Irina Sotulenko

Irina Sotulenko Wiki -Irina Sotulenko Bio

Irina Sotulenko, a model, arrested over a naked photoshoot in Dubai, has slammed a “total d**k” American playboy who allegedly forced her to pose nude and then posted the pictures on Instagram.

Sotulenko is the first participant to speak about the shocking nude video and pictures and is now in detention in the United Arab Emirates.


She is 23 years old.

Irina Sotulenko Naked Photoshoot

Sotulenko is the first participant to speak about the shocking video and nude photos. She is now detained in the United Arab Emirates.

Her lawyer and boyfriend expressed “deep concern” about her and the other women about to be returned to Ukraine but are still out of this world.


Irina accused the man of allowing the bold images to be uploaded and ordered Dubai police to arrest most of the group.

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The nude model told how she fled to the airport to return home, but the authorities ordered her to return to the city and make a statement to the police that she would be free to leave.

But she was later arrested, and after calling her parents, despite the apparent agreement with the Ukrainian authorities that she will be released today, she cannot be reached.


She said: “I told them, guys, we are an Arab country, let’s not show off.

“But, damn, we were forced to this balcony, took pictures, and God knows what will be next.

“They brought a professional photographer. Well, Grechin also took pics by himself, but there was a photographer too.”

In a video message to her boyfriend, she told him: “We were forced to this balcony in another hotel. We were photographed naked on the patio.

“Someone took photos from another building. Now Vitaly was summoned (to the police), and it looks like he will be sent to prison.”


Her lawyer and boyfriend have expressed “deep concern” about her and the other women who were expected to be deported back to Ukraine but remain out of contact.

In audio and video messages sent to her boyfriend before she was detained, the model spoke of her anger at Vitaliy Grechin, 41, the wealthy Ukrainian-American who organized the stunt.

Irina criticized the man for allowing the racy images to go online, leading to Dubai police detaining most of the group.

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