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Irina Izmestieva

Irina Izmestieva Wiki – Irina Izmestieva Biography

Irina Izmestieva, a former senator in Russia and ex-wife of a business mogul, jailed for conducting contract killings, was found dead in her £ 10 million home in London, prompting MI5 to investigate gestured to call.

Izmestieva was also known as Irina Ford, was found dead on a sofa in her Kensington apartment on Friday by her astonishing friends.


She was 52 years old.

Husband and children

Ms. Izmestieva, a mother of two, arrived in the UK around 2007 to be part of high society and was photographed with Prince Harry in 2012 at a ceremony with her daughters.

Her ex-husband, Igor, was sentenced 13 years ago to life in prison in Russia’s top security prison for alleged murder.

Vladimir Putin has promised to pardon and release a leading human rights activist, but he has not been able to do so.

Today’s latest incident in the family prompted the blacks from exile to investigate his death.

Many Russians have died in suspicious circumstances or have been attacked in Britain.

Evgeny Chichvarkin, a prominent London exile, said today: “I am very hopeful that the UK Special Services will investigate this case correctly, thoroughly, and maybe one day we will know what happened.

Found Dead

A former Russian senator and ex-wife of a business mogul jailed for contract killings have been found dead in her £ 10 million home in London, prompting MI5 to call for an investigation.

Irina Izmestieva, also known as Irina Ford, was found dead on a sofa in her Kensington apartment on Friday by her astonishing friends.

“In recent years, Irina Izmisteva has been actively involved in property disputes, the details of which I have no right to disclose.

At another point in the altercation, she was found dead.

A close friend in London, Miranda Marianishvili, 49, posted on Instagram that former filmmaker, Ms. Izmisteva, had died “unexpectedly”.

She said: ‘She was coughing, they said, taking antibiotics, and she had not been feeling well for days. No code

They found him sleeping on a sofa in his home in London.

I mean, she was found dead.

Police were not called, but the London Ambulance Service attended, confirming to Mail Online: “They called us at 7.11 am. To receive notifications.

“We sent an ambulance team and two doctors in vehicles. Unfortunately, one person died on the spot. ‘

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The Inner West London Coroner’s Court has not yet confirmed whether the case has been referred to him.

Izmistefa was photographed in 2012 at a ceremony with Prince Harry and his daughters by a former senator who represents the oil-rich country of Bashkortostan.

Marianishvili added: ‘Please pray for Irina, who recently passed away, a wonderful mother of your twins, a sister and daughter, a brave wife, a faithful and wonderful friend of mine.

“Few people in the world are so bright, loyal, solid, and beautiful.

“Ira (Irina) was always there when she thought she could help, without words or requests, she did exactly what she needed.”

Before setting up a liquor company in exile in London, Chechurkin, a mobile phone mogul, said he was close to Putin but became involved in dubious business and politics.

“In early 2005, Putin gave him a golden matron,” he said.

But gang members testified that he was involved in the “multiple murder” order.

Izmestieva fled to London but was taken on a business trip to the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, where he was arrested in an undercover FSB operation and transferred to Russia.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

He was convicted of leading a group that carried out assassinations shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Investigators linked it to two “terrorist attacks”, and 14 homicides, and five assassination attempts.

A video of him appeared inside the White Swan High-Security Prison in the Param area.

In 2018, the most respected director of the Moscow-Helsinki Human Rights Group, Lyudmila Alexeva, indicated that Putin had suggested that he would pardon Izmstev.