Who is Irina Akhmatova? Wiki, Bio, Age, Raped, Killed, Suspect, Police Report

Irina Akhmatova

Irina Akhmatova Wiki – Irina Akhmatova Bio

Irina Akhmatova was a Female Burger King boss, who was raped and killed by a convicted sex beast after she gave him a lift on a ride-sharing app.

The naked body of Akhmatova was found buried in a forest after she was strangled by former special services soldier Vitaly Chikirev, 42.

Chikirev who was previously jailed for a brutal sex attack, used a fake profile on car-sharing app BlaBlaCar to trick the woman into giving him a lift to her home city Tula, a court was told.


She was 29 years old.

Irina Akhmatova Raped And Killed

Akhmatova had been missing one week when Chikirev, a dad-of-four was detained and later confessed on camera to killing her.

During the investigation, he admitted to killing two other people, including a woman murdered in 2010, but the names and circumstances have not been released.

The Burger King executive who would often use the car-sharing app so she wouldn’t be alone during long rides was a married mum of an eight-year-old daughter.

BlaBlaCar cooperated with law enforcement and was in touch with the victim’s husband Dmitry, now caring for the couple’s daughter.

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The killer’s initial plan was to steal and then sell her Audi 4 car as well as rob her of money and jewelry.

Eventually, he dumped the car and made away with just £100 from her purse when he realized there was a major search underway for his victim.

The woman’s car was located covered in snow in a supermarket car park in Yaroslavl, 170 miles in the opposite direction from Moscow.

Police Report

According to reports Chikirev had set up various fake profiles- both male and female- in BlaBlaCar, aiming to take lifts and then rob the drivers.

The suspect had previous convictions for rape and armed assault and had been ordered to pay fines and compensation totaling £9,600.

Chikirev, a former soldier who fought in Chechnya, had previously served time in jail for rape and robbery.

The 42-year-old, who had four children by three women had posted a chilling social media message shortly before the killing.

He wrote that he was searching for a new wife with a good income, aged 18 to 27 – “at least 170 cm tall, breast size not less than B, who takes care of herself”.

His message reads: “I don’t smoke or drink alcohol, I know how to inspire a woman to earn money.

“I am preparing myself for marriage!

“I promise – love, sex, care, comfort, and inspiration.

“What I want from you – only to support a family.”

He added that he wasn’t interested in replies from women who were “poor, live with your mother, doesn’t have your own apartment, is fat or old, can’t find a man, or feminist or lesbian”.

A female friend said he was a “good man” and refused to believe he could be a killer.

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