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Honor Uloth

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Honor Uloth was found unconscious at the bottom of a swimming pool during a family barbecue at a mansion in Sussex in July. She was pronounced dead in hospital six days later.

The Guinness family has been left heartbroken after their teenage heiress died in a tragic pool accident.


She was 19 years old.


The Oxford Brookes University history of art student had suffered a broken shoulder and brain injuries, according to the Daily Mail.

Incident Details

Uloth was found unconscious at the bottom of a swimming pool during a family barbecue at a mansion in Sussex.

The Guinness heiress, who had not been drinking alcohol, was in the hot tub with two friends before going for a swim around 11 pm in July.

Coroner’s officer Geoff Charnock said there were 19 people at the barbecue that night and that, when Honor went for a swim, her friends remained in the hot tub with their backs towards the pool – so they did not see Honor when she went swimming.

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Shortly after that, Honor’s brother Rufus, 15, walked past the pool, spotted her and dived in to help her, the coroner’s inquest heard.

He managed to pull her out, and adults at the mansion started CPR while an ambulance was called.

When paramedics arrived, she was rushed to St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester before being transferred to St Thomas’s Hospital in London.

Honor Uloth Died

She was pronounced dead in hospital six days later.

A coroner this week ruled her death as a tragic accident.

Mr Charnock said police conducted an investigation, but nobody at the mansion had seen what happened to her.

Police had several theories, including that she leapt off and hit her head or she slipped and banged her head – but there was no witness, so the cause of her death was ruled as an accident.

Senior Coroner Penelope Schofield said: “I record a conclusion of the accident.”

Honor was the eldest daughter of Rupert Uloth and Lady Louisa Jane Guinness, whose father Benjamin Guinness was the 3rd Earl of Iveagh.

Family Statement

Family members said: “She always made it clear that if anything happened to her, she would like her organs to be donated to those in need.

“The doctors say that, with the matches they have found, it looks like she is going to help save four lives and seriously enhance ten more.”

Her dad described Honor as “a diamond girl with a heart of gold”.

The Guinness family has suffered a string of tragedies in its history.

Arthur Guinness, who started the brewery in 1759, fathered 21 children but lost ten before his own death. Many of his grandchildren became alcoholics, died in poverty or ended up in mental institutions.

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